Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cleaning Your Carpets Right and Review of EcoCarpet

I was given the opportunity to review EcoClean Carpets. I was a little hesitant at first cause I figured my carpets were just too far gone. In the end I LOVED it and learned a lot. I was very happy with their service, quality, product and overall experience.

Having your carpet cleaned is a great excuse to clean up. I always find we do the best cleaning when company is coming over. This was a lot more thorough cleanup than just company though.  I wanted as much stuff off the floor as possible, which resulted in a lot of clutter sorting, finally finishing projects, clothes sorting, and even cleaning under things like my kids bed and the couch. Why under things you ask? Well  because EcoCarpet actually moves and clean under furniture. Not the big stuff like my huge entertainment center, or sectional, but things like chairs, couches and small tables. They even moved my daughters little toddler bed.  Granted I got pretty much everything off the floor before hand, but there were still a few things. If you need a good excuse to clean things out and de-clutter, getting your carpet professionally cleaned is a great way to do it.

I didn't say this to EcoClean when I scheduled, but I was very curious as to how different of a job they would do compared to the carpet cleaner I got for Christmas. Let me just say it wasn't a minor difference, it was a huge difference! My carpet cleaner only does maybe 20% of the job they did, and that's if I do an extremely thorough job. Overall the carpets were way cleaner, got more spots up and dried faster too. Especially in my high traffic area's. I tried to take before and after pictures, but the lighting wasn't as good. You can see in this picture the part they had cleaned on the right, and the part they hadn't on the left. My high traffic area's is where I was the most difference.

Also some companies use harsh or cheap products that strip carpets of their protective coats, which is another reason to go with EcoClean. They have all natural safe ingredients and also use a clean rinse to remove all chemical and give your carpet a more thorough deep down clean. If not done right, they can leave a sticky residue actually making carpet dirtier faster. EcoClean has a process done by professionals. They had great customer service and were very helpful, answering all my questions.

We moved into our home about a year ago already wanting to replace the carpet upstairs. I've mentioned before that I was waiting to finish the family room downstairs before doing it, but I may just hold off now. One thing I learned while they cleaned the carpet was time frames of cleaning your carpets and scotch guarding it. They recommend at least annually to get it professionally cleaned maybe even 18 months if you take good care of it. When you buy new carpet the protective coating on it usually lasts approximately 3-5 years. When most people hit the 7-8 year mark they think the carpet is just so done it just needs to be replaced. Did you know you can just get it scotch guarded again to help it last longer? I had no idea you could even do that! They recommend doing that about every 1 1/2 - 3 years depending on amount of foot traffic. I had him do my high traffic area's for more resilience. Now I don't get as mad when a kid forgets and runs across it with his shoes on.

Another tricky part can be stains. Especially red stains. They were saying if you try to get them out one way, and it won't come out, then you most likely set it. Their website has a post on how to handle stains like this. Check it out at

Overall I was very satisfied and next time I need a good carpet cleaning in Utah I know who I am going to call. (Not to mention they service way out in Eagle Mountain ;)

Follow them on Facebook, Google Plus or twitter for deals, discounts and yes giveaways for free carpet cleanings in Utah from time to time.

Right now is a great time to get it done, in getting a jump on your spring cleaning. Just tell them you read about the review on my blog and give them the code 'SAVE25' to save 25% off!

Find out more or schedule an appointment at

EcoCarpet Cleaning Service
176 S State St
Orem, Ut 84058
(801) 855-5696
One thing I learned about and am excided to do in the near future is have my couch cleaned and scotch guarded. We love our couch and spend a lot of time on it. Now that it is 8 years old, the scotch guard on it has worn off and it is due for another one. Don't forget to check out their website for more than just carpet cleaning in Utah.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Year of Firsts- Ice Castle

This is my first posting regarding the new series #YearOfFirsts. I was so excited to do my year of firsts, why not start it with a bang? I have always wanted to go to one of those Ice Castles, sure enough this year in Midway, Utah there is one.

Right now my girls love the movie Frozen. We went and saw it on Christmas Eve, and the girls got the sister dolls for Christmas. I decided to tell them we were going to see Queen Elsa's castle. They were so excited. My 2 year old was a little bummed when Elsa and Anna weren't actually there.

I had planned to go during the weekend, but hadn't had a chance to tell my husband. I was pretty surprised when he came home with tickets to the ice castle, almost like he had read my mind.

One of the tricks to taking kids out to something like this is to be prepared and plan ahead. This is an event outside, best seen at night, up the canyon, and made of ice. It's going to be cold. We made sure to dress our kids in two layers. Long sleeved shirt and short sleeved shirts, as well as tights or pajamas under regular pants. Then I set out a sweatshirt and coat for everyone. When getting together gloves, hats, etc. I like to line them up oldest to youngest. Hats first, then gloves and possibly scarves. Then I put the gloves and things inside their hats. All that goes in a bag (usually with 1 extra pair of mittens and hat) in a grocery bag tied off. That way no one gets into it till it's handed out. Then when we arrive at our destination I hand them out to get suited up. I didn't do snow pants this time around and the kids were fine. However if they are going to be sitting on the ground or on things for pictures a lot I would do snow pants. That way their bums don't get wet.

The next important thing is timing, and we timed it just right. We arrived around 4:30, which was perfect. When you arrive , there are 2 lines. One for those who already have tickets and those who don't. GET YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! The line to purchase when we arrived was approximately a 20 minute wait, when we left around 6:30 it was easily an hour long line. That is not a good way to start out the evening if you have kids especially if you're out in the cold.  4:30 was perfect not only because less people when we arrived but we got the best of both worlds. We got great pictures in the light, and the kids could see better, but then we watched the sun set on the ice. Once the sun goes down you can see all the cool lights behind the ice, making them glow and look very magical. They will stamp your hand for reentrance if you decide to leave and come back.

If you are claustrophobic like I tend to get, I would avoid some of the walkways. There were a few times where I had to calm down and not panic. There are some areas you can walk though that have several ways to walk around, with no clear one direction path. Which is fine, it just means little traffic jams. No better place then in an ice castle to get stuck and enjoy the beauty and patterns all around. If you are claustrophobic then you can potentially panic. It's not enclosed all around, but sometimes lots of people and being stuck not able to go forward or backwards can cause a little worry. I was worried my kids would start to complain at these moments, but they did really well. We would point out cool things like what would happen when the ice from above would drip on other ice. Or how do you think Queen Elsa made that part? What did she sing when she made those stalactites?

Overall we loved it. I almost want to go back with just my husband for a fun date night. I didn't realize they had an outdoor ice rink right next to it. I'm thinking hot cocoa, cuddling to stay warm, holding hands ice skating, and walking through the beautiful ice structure, how fun would that be?

We got awesome pictures, and had a blast starting off our year of firsts. Although this was our first time at an ice structure like this, it's for sure to be a tradition from this point forward.

It's only open till February 28th, so go see it while you still can. 

Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts

Have something you did to start off your year of firsts? Then add my button to your blog post and link it up below. I will check, however, if your post does not have my button I hate to be a meanie but I will delete it. I've already had a few people tell me how excited they are to get idea's from others so please join in on the fun and share your firsts. Want some idea's? Check out my Year of Firsts Page for more idea's. Who knows, maybe I'll even add yours on there, for others to try.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Price Matching Seminar

Many of you may or may not know I love to find good deals. I especially love when other people take the work out of couponing, price matching, and deal hunting for me. When we went from 2 working parents down to 1 I decided I couldn't make money any more, but I can find ways to save money. That's when I stumbled across
Price match with Rachel is my go to, bookmarked website. I never check out at the store without looking what's on sale first. Even if I am stopping for a second or splurge buying, I make sure I am getting the most for it before I check out. I just click on the bookmark on my smart phone and check while I'm in line to check out.
I love the way it is divided up into sections. Although I frequent the dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables sections the most often. That is usually where I save the most money. If you have read any of my healthy eating articles you know we eat a ton of fresh produce in my house, so if I can get it for less than even better!
She is even hosting a free seminar this Wednesday the 22nd.  It's at   Stevens-Henager College Business TA's Provo/Orem from 6:30-8pm in the auditorium. This is a great way to get free tips on organizing, shopping, price matching, and other ways to save time and money on grocery shopping. It's an unfortunate thing we have to do as mom's, and often too. I'll try any tip at least once if it will make my shopping experience faster or less stressful!
You can also like her facebook page for other seminars, deals and giveaways at #/rachelspricematch That is how I found out about the 5 for $1 avocado sale recently. I stocked up and froze many of them. I did that the last time bell peppers were on sale for $.25 each too. I sliced, diced and froze them. Now I have plenty for fajita's, stir-fry's, soups, and quesadilla's. If you can't make it this week, make sure to like her facebook page for the next one.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

BBQ Pitstop Rub Winner

It's that time to announce the winner. Looks like you guys saw some yummy choices out there. I was surprised how many people said they wanted to try the sweet hot mustard, now I'm intrigued by it as well. I love the uniqueness of the options, definitely nothing you would find at the typical grocery store.

The winner is...
Wen Budro
 "I would really like to try their bone suckin yaki sauce and the honey mustard bbq sauce....they sound yummy."

Ok, I am also wanting to try the bone suckin yaki sauce. Ooh on kababobs, and with mushrooms. I know what my husband is buying me for Valentines day ;)
Congratulations. Respond to my email within the next 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tips For a Tonsillectomy For Your Kids- Day 5-7

Days 5-7 went by slowly for me. Only because my son felt great, but still couldn't be too active. Around day 7 is when the scabs fall off, also being the highest risk of bleeding days. The more he gets his heart rate up, the more risk of bleeding he was. Those days were mostly about keeping my son on the couch. He is so active just when he had to use the bathroom he couldn't just get up and walk over, he had to jump off the couch and run to bathroom. On the way back he treated the toys on the floor like they were hot lava and hop scotched his way back summersaulting back to his sitting position. This was no easy task.

I mostly handled it by gaming it up. That's right I played more Mario Kart and Mario Bros in those few days than I have in the past few years combined! Not to mention, watching Pokémon, Spiderman, and several card games.

Kadan did really well eating. We started with soft rolls torn into tiny pieces than moved to mashed potatoes. Then he did some frozen go gurts, and spaghettio's. By day 5 he was ok eating spaghetti with no sauce and scrambled eggs. By day 7 he was fine with peanut butter and jelly, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. After day 7 he was pretty much up to his normal picky diet.
Overall it ended up being a good pleasant experience. We had no problems, and enjoyed spending a week bonding together doing nothing but eating junk food and being couch potatoes. What 7 year old wouldn't want that?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tips For a Tonsillectomy For Your Kids- Day 3 & 4

Days 3 and 4 the doctor, nurses and friends all said were going to be the worst. I was gearing up for it. I made sure every 3 hours on the dot I would alternate his Tylenol and Motrin. I tried to keep him hydrated best I could. Honestly, my son did fine. I know every kid is different and mine is a trooper.

There were a few moments where I noticed he got quiet and just kind of sat there watching a movie. At that point  I would ask him, "Is everything ok? You just got really quiet." He would then tell me it hurts a little. Not a lot, but more than before. I would make him a slushie, and check the time. Usually that happened right before he was due for some more medicine. He did say he was more uncomfortable than day 1 and 2, but not in real pain, thank goodness. Since he was eating, sleeping, and drinking that played a big part in it.

When he went to bed on day 4 I didn't give him any more meds till he asked for it or needed it.

Keeping my son from being too active was hard. To keep him down so he wasn't jumping around too much I decided to do something fun. The girls bought and wrapped him 2 movies before his surgery that they had picked out. 1 of them was the first Ice Age. We had them all except the first one. My son went through an Ice Age stage about when the 2nd one came out on DVD, so he has a passion for them. Under the circumstances I decided to have an Ice Age marathon. Normally sitting around watching 4 movies back to back would be a no go, but what else were we going to do?

We had popcorn, my son had popsicles, Dad may or may not have fallen asleep, in the end it was a fun day.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tips For a Tonsillectomy For Your Kids- Day 2 with Slushie Recipe

Day 2 went well. Since my son had stayed hydrated and ate some he was doing well. My son was too small for liquid loratab (not that I woanted him it.) We made sure that every 3 hours on the dot we rotated Tylenol and Motrin. Even at night we took turns sneaking in his room and giving him some. Just so he would be in as little pain as possible.
 I did ask him to rate his favorite things to eat. Although he said he was in no pain, he did say some things felt good and better down his throat.

1- Slushies
My son said his favorite and the best thing for him was slushies. When I spoke to other people another women told me the same thing. Slushies were her favorite too. Now a slushie is different than a snow cone. Here is how you make them.

First take a double popsicle like this one and microwave it for 10seconds.

Then I used the cup I was about to pour it in and smashed it up a bit.

Then you add the smashed popsicle with a little bit of Sprite till it's the consistency you want. I sometimes added Gatorade with this as well. I made sure the color of Gatorade matched the color of the popsicle to hide it a bit.
Since my girls always wanted what their brother had I always gave them the orange ones. Since he couldn't have any citrus I avoided the orange popsicles. Realistically they were probably so mild it wouldn't have mattered, but I just gave them to the girls instead.
2. Ice Cream Sandwiches
I bought the small sammies ones from Smiths (Kroger) since there were double in a box. He loved them and they were just the right size. I wish I would have bought 2 boxes of these, cause in the week to follow we ended up buying 2 more boxes. 
3. Ice Cream
I know this is pretty much the same, but he said it felt the best. Luckily I have the best sister ever that once bought me an ice cream maker. That way I could make them from scratch and control the sugar. Once I even made him one with Nequick to make it "chocolate" and snuck some protein powder in it.
Those were his top 3 favorites. He did also like fudgesicles, snow cones, and half frozen Gatorades. I would put a Gatorade in the freezer for an hour or two, then the fridge to also make them slushie like. For dinner that night he had some mashed potatoes.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips For a Tonsillectomy For Your Kids- Day 1

 Is your kid about to have his or her tonsils removed? Then I suggest reading my posts about my son's tonsillectomy. Before my son had both his tonsils and adenoids removed I tried to find articles with tips on making it easier for both me and my son, and found hardly anything.  Besides what my Dr's office said and a few Dr"ish" websites about the facts I still felt in the dark. I did talk to a few people who had this done to themselves or to their children for some information, but never quite felt ready. I actually had a panic attack the night before. So I am blogging about our experience to help a few mom's out there hopefully not have a panic attack like I did!

Keep in mind every Dr, patient, and hospital are different. Not everyone has the same experience. All you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best in these kind of situations.

Before I talk about the day of the surgery let me tell you about the night before. That is when I freaked out and pretty much broke down. I went to run a few last minute errands so my son could pick out some of his favorite popsicles, ice cream, drinks, and things like that. As I was pulling up to the gas station (so I wouldn't have to do it early the next morning) I got a phone call. I knew the hospital would be calling to let me know what time we were to arrive for surgery, so I was glad to finally get this call. Even though it was 5 O'clock and I already had my husband and my mom call twice each wondering what time to plan on, this call wasn't the one I thought it was. It was the office saying they hadn't received my paperwork. What paperwork? Well, apparently they emailed me some forms. Which I knew, I just assumed I was suppose to fill them out, print them and bring them in with me. I didn't realize it was a link for an online form that the anesthesiologist needed to look at the night before, and that he would be there in an hour to look over the paperwork.  Aaagh, I'm not only 30 minutes away from home, but will need to unload melting groceries, start dinner, change a diaper, and I had a responsibility through my church that tied me up Wednesday nights. In the end I got it done, and I ended up finding someone to take my place at my church.   The point of that rant is if you are suppose to fill something out before hand, do just that, fill it out before hand. That way you don't have a breakdown and find yourself crying in your bedroom during dinner. Even the Queen of Chaos has a breaking point- weird I know.

At the hospital with our tonsils.

On to the day of the tonsillectomy. Around 6:30 PM the night before we finally were told what time our surgery was scheduled for. One thing I hadn't realized was no food or drink after midnight! Not even a sip of water in the morning. I can promise that would be hard for even me. I didn't even let my son brush his teeth in the morning because I was afraid he would swallow some of it. We brought a spare change of clothes with us because I had heard even though they give them something to wear, some kids wet themselves while on the anesthesia. When we arrived, of course the nurses and staff were fabulous. My son really enjoyed teasing and interacting with them.

The whole thing went by in half the time I thought it would. Maybe it was a good day, maybe I was lucky, who knows? All I can say is it took a little over 4 hours from setting foot in the building to my husband pulling up the car to the front.

In my mind I assumed they would put him to sleep with us and bring him back still sedated. I was shocked that we parents stayed in the same room the whole time. They took my son away awake and brought him back awake. I was happy to hear that they put his IV in after he was asleep, because that was one of my concerns. They don't take it out till right before being released though, just in case they need it again. That part kind of freaked him out, but only for a second. The nurse was real good about taking off the bandage carefully so that when the IV came out it was so quick he barely saw anything till she put a clean bandage over it ninja like. I told him before hand it wouldn't hurt, it would just be uncomfortable.

After with no tonsils.

Since I was told that day 3 and 4 was the worst I figured if he asked to eat, I was just going to let him. On my sons first day he ate 2-3 of those soft Hawaiian rolls. He just tore off little itty bitty pieces. He ate that in addition to the yummy cold treats he had picked out the day before.

Overall day one was a success. Mostly tiring from lack of sleep the night before and waking up early to prep and get to the hospital.

1. Make sure you have everything to go in advance.
2. Try to get as much rest before hand as possible.
3. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and let your kids ask questions.  (I always let my kids voice their concerns and questions to the doctor or nurse themselves.)
4. Eat a big dinner the day before. Cook their favorite meal.
5. Make sure you have plenty of cold treats, soft foods and medicine before hand. That way you don't have to run to the store.
Bonus- I had my son write in his Journal before, after and a week after the surgery. It was kind of fun to see what was going though his mind.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Year of Firsts 2014

After talking to my sister in law recently she inspired me to come up with this grand idea.  Our year of firsts. That's right a whole year of firsts. I'm going to plan ahead and schedule a whole year of doing things we have never done before. Whether top dollar adventures like sky diving or visiting somewhere new, or something free like a food fight or building a snowman. I have decided each month I am going to come up with 4 things to do as an individual, as a couple or as a family that are new. Then each week we will experience a first.

Think about it. What haven't you done that you have always wanted to? What food have you never tried that intrigues you? What mystery do you want to explore? Maybe you have been there or done that, but your spouse hasn't. Or as a couple you have been somewhere but never taken your kids.
Make a plan. Make a budget. Try something new daily, weekly or monthly and let me know.

 Every 1st and 3rd Monday I will update as to what we have done new and I will leave a place for you to link up your firsts. Write a blog post about your first, add my button, and link up. Get idea's from other people's new things. Leave comments about what you want to try or have tried. It will  be so fun to learn what other's are doing for the first time.

I have decided to list of possible firsts below. I've also tried to make the list a mixture from free to expensive things to try. Feel free to let me know more idea's you may have. If you add my button to a post about your idea maybe I'll even link to it directly.
Try a new food
Backwards Dinner (Dessert, Dinner, Appetizer)
Bowling or glow in the dark bowling
Cooking Class
Food Fight
Read a different type of book i.e. sci-fi, romance, a memoir, etc.
Take an art class
So see a show, play or dance performance
miniature golf
Go karts
Snowball fight, build a snowman or igloo
Sledding or tubing
Sleep on the tramp, or in a tent in your yard
Try a new candy
Try a new drink
Play with modeling clay
Go to an art museum
Pay extra to feed an animal at the zoo (i.e. penguins, birds, dolphins, etc.)
Go to an aquarium or an atrium
Learn a new card game
Make up your own game
Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Boots

I was playing that game where you have to come up with things you have never done and then those that have done it switch places. I wrote in more details how to play here. When it was my turn to come up with something I had never done it hit me- I have never worn boots over leggings or skinny jeans. Not that I was against it, it was that all the boots I had weren't meant for that look. After much flack from many neighborhood women I decided to call my friend to fix the problem ASAP.
Sure enough I went to my friend the owner of Silver Apple Boutique and she helped me solve the problem. These were the ones I picked, the outlaw boots in brown. I love them! Now I have been shopping for more things to go with my brown boots, just so I can wear them. I even wear them with the teal high low skirt I got from there.
I am thinking about getting these cute gray ones as well? What do you think? I like the buckle, but she has other cropped gray boots too. I can't decide, I just want them all.
She always has cute maxi skirts and sweaters. She has tons of leggings and necklaces too.
Leggings are the big trend right now. Silver Apple Boutique has a sale on some of their winter leggings. They also have girls leggings right now too. I need to het some for my girls. They love dresses, but it's too cold to wear just that. maybe we can compromise if they wear leggings with them. 
The best part is that you can save 10% on your whole order. Plus they have free shipping right now too. Go browse through some of their fabulous stuff. Just use the code Queen10
Happy shopping.

Friday, January 10, 2014

BBQ Pit Stop Review and Giveaway

I was so excited to do this review for BBQ Pitstop. Things may be a little backwards in my home when it comes to barbequing, because I am the one who loves to grill. About 8 years ago for Mother's Day I got my first grill. I am always looking for good rubs, spices, and sauces. I finally have found my one stop BBQ needs shop.
The first thing I tried was the Plowboys BBQ Yardbird Rub. This rub was made for chicken but tastes better on pork. I tried it on chicken cause that's what I had in my freezer and boy was it delicious. With 4 kids I like quick healthy meals, that still impress my husband when he gets home from work. Using this rub was perfect. I rubbed the chicken in the morning. One thing I love about rubs is that you don't always have to do it ahead of time. Obviously the longer the better, but it makes me look like an amazing cook when the rub does all the work. I also love rubs because they have 0 calories. If eating healthier is part of your New Years resolutions then spices are the way to go. They enhance flavor without the extra calories.
Before dinner I popped the chicken in the oven. When it's warmer outside I obviously grill it, but it was too cold to go outside. Then I made some risotto (my girls love rice) and some carrots with a little bit of ginger.  My husband loved it. As I wrote this review he still was telling me how good it was. Yummy smoky flavor with a nice little kick to it. I took the extras and shredded them to go in chicken quesadilla's for the following night as well. I am excited to try this rub on pork. If it was that good on chicken, it will be that much better on pork.
On Christmas Eve I knew we were going to have a crazy day, but would want a nice dinner that night. I decided to make pork ribs letting their delicious Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce do all the work. I put the ribs and the sauce in my crockpot, and forgot about it all day. When we walked in the door the aroma hit us like a brick wall. Even my kids were saying how good dinner smelled! Eight hours on low in the crockpot was perfect. The ribs just fell right off the bone. It was the perfect combo of sweet, smoky and spicy, perfect for ribs. Just like it says on the bottle "especially excellent on ribs."  
I love different kinds of spices, my spice rack is overflowing. I also love impressing with top quality barbeque sauce's. Next time you have company over why not impress with the best ingredients, which do a lot of the work for you? Check out for their full line of grills, smokers, spices and sauces. Also like them on facebook for tips and updates.
BBQ Pit Stop are also giving away a rub. Woot, woot, I know how much you guys love giveaways. This is a yummy one too. So visit their website and browse through their sauces and spices. Then comment below which one intrigues you the most. Enter by using the rafflecopter below. No cheating, I will be verifying the entry. Closes 1/17/14 at 12:00 AM
**I was only given the product to review, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own honest opinions.**

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas and I wanted to share a few of the highlights.
 The best part of the whole day was seeing my brothers face on Skype. My brother is serving a mission for the LDS church in El Salvador. He is my partner in crime, and I miss him. I am counting down till he comes home. I got to see his handsome face and have a few laughs with him. We got to talk to him for a little over 2 hours. Every time we talk to him (which is Mother's Day and Christmas) I bring a pineapple and we put it in the back round or hold it. Sometimes we stick it behind people heads like bunny ears, and all sorts of goofiness.
 I also made my niece and nephews presents this year. I made shirts for them. My nephew is always quoting movies so I made him this one.
First I went to and downloaded the Movie Film strip font. Search for film and it should come up. Then I printed it on iron paper that I purchased at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon.
My niece is a big Harry Potter fan so I made her these 2 things. The shirt I just googled the image I wanted and printed it on the same iron on paper.
Then over the year I tried to collect as many skeleton keys as I could when I cam across them. Then I bought some cheap butterfly ornaments and tore them apart and glued the wings to the keys. I think they came out super cute. I like the sparkly silver one in the bottom right corner the best.
They look cute in her room, we just need to make a few more.
For me the best part of Christmas is spending time with our loved ones. We are always so busy with others we don't actually sit around and enjoy Christmas Day gifts till the next day. We usually have scones or aebelskivers for breakfast on Christmas morning. We always watch one of the movies we get, this year it was Phineas and Ferb meets Marvel. Then we head over to grandma's. We play games, chat, enjoy company and then eat our tamale dinner.

 We even watched Despicable Me 2 while waiting for everyone to arrive at Grandma's. It was a fun relaxing day with lots of loved one's.  Although my kids got more goodies then they need and I just had to highlight one. My girls got the 2 princess's from Frozen. It was perfect cause not only had we watched it Christmas Eve, but my girls are starting to play together. They love to play the sisters and I love to sit and watch them play together. It was a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to next year, where we are planning to change things up a bit. Which will be fun to blog about.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Chatoic Christmas Eve

I love the holidays, spending time with family and traditions. I love to do old Traditions and start new ones.

My family for as long as I can remember always makes tamales on Christmas Eve and eats them on Christmas Day. The first year I had Christmas with my husbands family was my first traditional Christmas dinner. I remember calling home and telling my mom, "Guess what, I got to have Thanksgiving twice this year." I knew that a tamale dinner wasn't people's normal Christmas dinner, but I had never thought about what was considered an average dinner. So when we had turkey, cranberry, mashed potatoes, rolls, and pie I thought I was the luckiest person ever to have 2 Thanksgivings that year.

Last year we went and saw Monsters inc. with our kids on Christmas Eve. So this year the kids asked if we could start a new tradition and go see a movie on Christmas Eve again. Why not? So we ended up seeing Frozen in 3D with my sister and her kids. It was way fun, and good. I love musicals, which I didn't realize this had so much singing in it, I was in heaven. Not to mention the voice talents of Kirstin Bell and Idina Menzel, it was amazing!

Then we drove through the lights and Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. Then went home and had a yummy rib dinner and finished the night with the Christmas story from the Bible. Growing up I always wanted to open 1 present on Christmas Eve like all my friends talked about doing, but never was able to convince my parents. So when my husband told me that was his tradition growing up, I was thrilled to carry it on. So yes we are like the many millions who open pajamas on Christmas Eve, to make up for the years I wish we did as a family.

So yes it was a very full and fun day. I did it on purpose. That night all my kids were asleep within 5 minutes of tuck in, that has got to be some kind of Christmas Eve record! I purposely wore them plump out!