Monday, June 16, 2014

Tumm-E Yummies ColorVibe Run and Fun

So for part of my year of firsts we did a color run as a family. We had so much fun running in Cache Valleys Color Vibe 5K sponsored by Tumm-E Yummies! I was surprised at how well the kids did. Every time they got a little tired they would see the color throwing part up ahead and get a little boost to keep running.

I was so glad I gave them the white bandannas, cause it helped the color to not get in their mouths. Plus the sunglasses they got in their race packets helped as well. Although the glasses were a little big, so if your kids has a small head maybe bring your own?
They loved to hang out in the crowd while the DJ played music afterwards. They had so much fun doing the color throw and dancing around, hitting the bouncing beach ball and having a place where they could act like a bunch of crazy kids!

I can't wait till next year, and either can they. They loved it! I also loved the seat covers that Tumm-E Yummies sent me, they were so helpful for the ride home.