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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free Summer Reading Programs

One of my favorite things about summer is I feel like I get more reading done. It's a great time to spend more time reading with our kids too. Did you know there are lots of summer reading programs out their that reward you kids for reading? I decided to make a list of all the ones I knew about or could find. Here they are for your enjoyment.

Barnes & Noble has a great summer reading program where you read 8 books, fill out their reading journal and then turn it in for a free book. My kids love this one, and you don't have to wait till the end of summer to submit it. Once you have achieved it go get your free book. Plus the sooner you do the better choice of books you have, since they are first come first serve. Don't worry though, last year we went the last of August and my kids still had a hard time deciding. Click here for more info.
The Utah State Fair gives away a free entrance ticket, soft drink and a ribbon to kids ages 6-12 for kids who read 10 books. You have to hurry up on this one, it has to be mailed in by July 25th in order to receive it. Click here to print out your form and for full details.

Scholastic has a summer reading program where you can track your kids reading and enter sweepstakes. It's great for the older kids to do themselves cause they earn badges, online prizes and can even record reading at your school.It's designed for kids to keep track them self, my son navigates it better than I do.

Utah's Governor has a summer reading challengethat is also a popular one. Most libraries usually have forms to fill out on this as well, if not click here for the website. This one you just track your reading time through the summer then either fill out and mail the Family Progress Card or report your summer
reading online at after 9/1/14. Last few years my kids got a free happy meal from McDonalds for doing it.

Pottery Barn Kids has a list of books that if you ready any 8 of the books on the list, then you can go into their store and receive a book (while supplies last.) This one also expires soon, July 31st. So run to the library and see how many books you can read with your kids. The list has some classics like, Paddington Bear, Olivia, and Corduroy. Click here for a print out off all the books to choose from. Here is the link for more info or for a list of some of their other store events.

Half Price Books wants you to record your minutes read totaling 300 minutes, that's approximately 15 minutes a day for June and July. The cool thing is you get $5 bookworm bucks, the bummer thing is there isn't one in Utah. So this one is or my out of state followers. Click here for locations.

Pizza Hut's Book It program also has a summer program. Just read 5 books then submit online or mail in their form to be entered to win some cool prizes like gift cards, Diary of a Wimpy Kids books and more. They also have some fun Instagram challenges just search #BOOKITSummer and join the fun.

This one I am not as familiar with but it's Sylvan's Learning Book Adventure. After your kids have read a book they can take a quiz earning points. Then those points can be exchanged for prizes. I'm not sure the kind of prizes, but I'll have my son go online today and take a few. Cool thing is that this one appears to be year round! Go to for more information.
If you didn't already know this, than it's your lucky day. Chuck E Cheese has a list of rewards calendars you can use at home, then take in and get free tokens. One of their rewards calenders is a reading chart. Read every day for 2 weeks and you can get 10 tokens. Chuck E Cheese is a great place to run a round on a super hot or even rainy day. You don't even have to order food, just go in get your free tokens and play. Click on the picture above to print yours out.
That's all the ones I can think of or find. Check out your local library as well, sometimes they have fun reading programs, story times and other adventures to support summer reading.
Can't find any close enough to you? Don't panic and just create your own at home. Just use the Chuck E Cheese Calendar or make your own for your kids to trade in for rewards. You could go to the dollar store and buy some tickets and cheap trinkets. For every day they read or book they read they can get a ticket that gets traded in at the end of the week for some of your cheap toys and trinkets. The best way to encourage reading is to do it yourself and in your home!
Did I leave one out of the list? Just leave a comment below with the information.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Price Matching Seminar

Many of you may or may not know I love to find good deals. I especially love when other people take the work out of couponing, price matching, and deal hunting for me. When we went from 2 working parents down to 1 I decided I couldn't make money any more, but I can find ways to save money. That's when I stumbled across
Price match with Rachel is my go to, bookmarked website. I never check out at the store without looking what's on sale first. Even if I am stopping for a second or splurge buying, I make sure I am getting the most for it before I check out. I just click on the bookmark on my smart phone and check while I'm in line to check out.
I love the way it is divided up into sections. Although I frequent the dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables sections the most often. That is usually where I save the most money. If you have read any of my healthy eating articles you know we eat a ton of fresh produce in my house, so if I can get it for less than even better!
She is even hosting a free seminar this Wednesday the 22nd.  It's at   Stevens-Henager College Business TA's Provo/Orem from 6:30-8pm in the auditorium. This is a great way to get free tips on organizing, shopping, price matching, and other ways to save time and money on grocery shopping. It's an unfortunate thing we have to do as mom's, and often too. I'll try any tip at least once if it will make my shopping experience faster or less stressful!
You can also like her facebook page for other seminars, deals and giveaways at #/rachelspricematch That is how I found out about the 5 for $1 avocado sale recently. I stocked up and froze many of them. I did that the last time bell peppers were on sale for $.25 each too. I sliced, diced and froze them. Now I have plenty for fajita's, stir-fry's, soups, and quesadilla's. If you can't make it this week, make sure to like her facebook page for the next one.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Larry H. Miller Sing Along -Free Family Event

In 2011 in addition to seeing the lights in Salt Lake we decided to attend the Larry H. Miller sing a long. We weren't quite sure what to expect and it exceeded our expectations.
Everyone got a yummy treat and a little envelope. In the envelope we ended up with free movie tickets, free popcorn vouchers, raceway tickets and other cool things. On top of the fun free things we got to sing along to beloved Christmas songs as a family. Even cooler was we got to sing along with Alex Boye. How awesome is that? If you are not familiar with him here is what you are missing out on:

Incredible! This year Emmy award winning and Grammy nominated Kurt Bestor will be there. I suggest bundle up the kids, enjoy the Christmas lights, get some hot chocolate and go to the free Larry H. Miller sing a long. It starts at 6:00 PM at the Energy Solutions Arena.
For more info check out

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun & Free Factory Tours

I knew I needed to have busy days during our spring break. So I planned on going to the Sweets Candy Factory Tour in Salt Lake City. I have wanted to go for a while and decided to just do it. We went with friends from the neighborhood and had fun, even though I spent half my attention on my kids and keeping them behind the yellow lines. What my other half saw was fascinating. They literally have millions of taffy and huge bags of sugar. The kids each got to pick out some taffy in there gift shop where they have some good deals on candy.
So this made me think of other tours I have been to.
1. I've been to a Hershey factory tour. I went when there was one in Oakdale, Ca. Now the only tour is in Hershey, PA. See here for more info. They have a few fun Hershey's stores now. We have been to the one in New York and Niagara Falls. My kids loved them.
2. One of my favorites was the Jelly Belly Tour.  The Jelly Belly Factory is in Fairfield, Ca and lasts about 40 minutes. I think my oldest was a baby when we went and I would love to do this again with all of them one day. Click here for more information.
3. Another favorite was the Lousiville Slugger Museum. Now this one is not free but still is at the top of the list. If you are ever in Louisville this is a must see! I'm not even a huge baseball know it all or fan and I loved it!
4. Ethel M. Chocolate Factory tour is fun to do if your in Vegas and want some family friendly activities. Click here for this tour info.
5. Hammonds Candies is in Denver and fascinating as well. I took the kids to this after Adrianna was born. It is really short, but still free and fun if in the area. Here is there link on when they do tours.
6. Another neat one was the Harley Davidson vehicle & power trains factory tour. We tried going to this once when they were closed for a week, so be sure to view there website when they are open here. The second time we were near there I couldn't pass it up! This one was very fascinating, but the tour is not kid friendly. They can be in welcome area and shop but not on the tour. There are 2 tours, a short free tour and a more elaborate one that costs money.
7. I've been to both Federal Reserves. I went to the Denver one growing up with my family, and the one in Kansas City, Missouri with my kids. I thought they were fascinating. Click here for more info.
Bonus- This isn't really a factory tour but cool none the less. We went to the Moon Marble Co. and saw how they make marbles. Plus their gift shop is so cool!
Some more I am hoping to see in the future:
Mrs Cavanaughs -SLC, UT
Crayola - Easton, PA
Hallmark Visitors Center- Kansas City, MO
Tabasco- Avery Island, LA
AT&T Ball Park Tours- San Francisco, CA
Tillamook Cheese- Tillamook, OR
Mrs. Grossman's Stickers- Petaluma, CA  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Home Depot Kids Craft

Just wanted to remind people that this Saturday is Home Depot kids craft. Nice thing about Home Depot is that you don't have to sign up in advance and you can show up anytime between 9 and noon (usually.)
This time they are making a bird feeder. Follow this link for more info.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lowes Build And Grow Sign Up

Lowe's has fun free build and grow crafts every now and then. You do have to sign up for them in advance and they fill up fast. I try to do reminders on twitter when I come across things like this. Follow me by clicking my link on the right or look me up as @UtQueenOfChaos.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Women Want Giveaway

Every now and again we get the local Utah ladies get an oppurtunity to attend the What Women Wants show. I myself have gone to my fair share of them, and they are fabulous! They really have everything women want, whether you knew you wanted it or not.
It's like shopping heaven. Rows and rows and many choices no matter your taste or hobby. Stuff for crafters, scrapbookers, fashionistas, chefs, wanna be chefs, health nuts, junk foodies, and so much more. I'm looking forward to attending and letting you know what some of my favorite things there are.


What Women Wants Show is at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, UT

April 12-13, 2013
Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Win tickets to the What Women Want Show.  

I'm giving away 2 different sets of tickets! That's a total of 4 tickets.


Either use the rafflecopter or leave a comment to enter." rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

**I received  complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received.**

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home Depot Craft & $15 Giveaway

I love free events! Anything to keep my kids busy, is free, or keeps them from messing up my home I am all in favor for! One of our favorites is the Home Depot Craft. The first Saturday of every month they have a free kid's craft. This month being February was a wooden Valentines holder.
Kadan (almost 7) is my hands on do it your self  kid. He can do a majority of the crafts with little guidance. Occasionally we make sure a few things are lined right or dad has to do some things that need a little muscle, but overall he does really good. Yesenia (4 yrs old) needs more help. She helps hold things, can tap in the nails half way, and is very good at being patient. When two parents are helping 3 kids, sometimes with fewer hammers than we need patience can be the biggest help of all. Adrianna (almost 2) can't really do any of the craft but she can have fun pretending she can. I help her hammer, or let her think she is hammering. When all is said and done I have 3 very happy kids. Not only did we get out of the house the kids have used their fine motor skills, learned the importance of following instructions, had family bonding time and in the end felt a sense of accomplishment. After completing their craft they get a pin to put on the free apron they also received. 

After the project we got to go home and paint them. Not only is this the messy part, it's the part where mom needs to practice her patience.
Here's the finished projects. Can't wait to write some fun messages for my kids the next few weeks and put the messages in them.
Click on any of the following Home Depot Links for more information:
American Fork Home Depot Free Workshops
$15 Home Depot Giveaway
Home Depot has donated a $15 gift card to giveaway. Please leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing. For more entries share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or on your own blog. Leave additional comments for each share. Giveaway closes on Sunday, February 10th at 11:59 MST. Winner will be picked at random thru Winner will be announced the following day.