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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Price Matching Seminar

Many of you may or may not know I love to find good deals. I especially love when other people take the work out of couponing, price matching, and deal hunting for me. When we went from 2 working parents down to 1 I decided I couldn't make money any more, but I can find ways to save money. That's when I stumbled across
Price match with Rachel is my go to, bookmarked website. I never check out at the store without looking what's on sale first. Even if I am stopping for a second or splurge buying, I make sure I am getting the most for it before I check out. I just click on the bookmark on my smart phone and check while I'm in line to check out.
I love the way it is divided up into sections. Although I frequent the dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables sections the most often. That is usually where I save the most money. If you have read any of my healthy eating articles you know we eat a ton of fresh produce in my house, so if I can get it for less than even better!
She is even hosting a free seminar this Wednesday the 22nd.  It's at   Stevens-Henager College Business TA's Provo/Orem from 6:30-8pm in the auditorium. This is a great way to get free tips on organizing, shopping, price matching, and other ways to save time and money on grocery shopping. It's an unfortunate thing we have to do as mom's, and often too. I'll try any tip at least once if it will make my shopping experience faster or less stressful!
You can also like her facebook page for other seminars, deals and giveaways at #/rachelspricematch That is how I found out about the 5 for $1 avocado sale recently. I stocked up and froze many of them. I did that the last time bell peppers were on sale for $.25 each too. I sliced, diced and froze them. Now I have plenty for fajita's, stir-fry's, soups, and quesadilla's. If you can't make it this week, make sure to like her facebook page for the next one.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keeping Kids Distracted While Running Errands

Keeping kids entertained while in long lines, grocery shopping or at appointments is part of the job as a Mom. Sometimes it's easier than others, always depending on the mood of both ourselves and our kids. Here are my top 5 favorite ways to keep my kids from annoying me, each other or other people while out running errands.
Click on picture for more pdf's

1. I-spy
This one is my classic go to game. I always take turns starting from youngest to oldest to make sure everyone gets a turn picking something. You pick an item in your head and say, "I spy with my little eye some thing that is _____." Name a color like purple. Then everyone guesses which purple thing you spied till the name the item you were thinking of.
As a variation sometimes I'll say who can count 10 stars, or find 5 things that are square or so on.
2. Who can _______.
Who can stand on 1 foot for 15 seconds?
Who can pat their head and rub their tummy?
Who can touch the cart with only their pinkie?
Who can touch the _____ with only 2 thumbs? With their elbow? With their nose?
Who can tiptoe down this isle?
Who can walk backwards till we get to the milk?
Etc, etc, etc
3. Progressive Story
When waiting in lines progressive stories are perfect. Usually I start the story and we each take a turn telling a part of it. The best way to not cause too many problems is I tell the story and just ask the kids certain questions like names, towns, they ran into _____, went to ______, used his _____ weapon to defeat the evil________. You get the idea.
4. Grocery Games.
I try things like, "Who can find the grapes first," or I give each kid something to look for. 1 kid looks for canned peas, the other looks for cans of corn. For short trips sometimes we make a chant of the  items on the small list. I'll let kids help hold the list and mark things off. Sometimes I take a picture on my phone of the list just in case something happens to it.

5. Alphabet Game.
Basically we play one of two ways. We look for each actual letter in the alphabet from A to Z on signs, license plates, etc. Or we look for anything that stars with the letter, like apples for A, bananas for B, and so on. Sometimes we do it together other times we see who can get to z first.

Bonus- When I'm trying to stick to a budget I use a calculator so I can see exactly how much I am spending. Sometimes I let my 7 year old be in charge of calculating how much I have accumulated. He feels like a big helper and I stay on budget.

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Time Saving Tips

I've decided to share some of my tips and tricks on life. Sometimes they are going to be tips to save on time, money or just to save us some sanity. Ultimately I have some I have picked up along the way from friends, family, articles, or personal experiences.
Queen of Chaos's Time Savings Tips
1. One way to save time cooking is to double up. It's just as easy to cook two lbs of ground beef as it is one. Then freeze the other half cooked. Now it's ready to add to any sauce or recipe without the mess and time of cooking. Plus if you freeze it spread out on a cookie sheet, then put it in a freezer bag it won't be stuck in a big glob. This works with lots of things actually. Like:
               Lasagna- Make 2 freeze 1
               Soup/Chili- One for your crock pot, 1 for a freezer bag
               Shredded pork/chicken/roast (for tacos, enchilada's,bbq sandwich's etc.)
               Baked Ziti- Make 1 in a pyrex dish the other in a foil one from the $1 store
               Stuffed Shells
               Chicken Dishes
               Waffles/Pancakes (I put wax paper in between each one)
               Vegtebles- when they go on sale I dice extra and freeze some (i.e bellpeppers)
I think you get the idea. Basically if you are taking the time to make 1, make 2 which are perfect for one of those days. (You know the kind of day I'm talking about ;)
2. Park by the cart return. I know this is a simple silly one but it helps me a lot. My husband use to drive up and down to find the closest parking spot possible. In the end I would still walk farther to return the cart. Now that I have kids I hate leaving kids in the car while I return the cart. So I purposefully park by the cart return.
3.Rubber band socks together. Anyone that read this post knows I don't like folding laundry. My Grandpa has been trying to get me rubber band my socks together for years! I finally did it and it does save time matching socks. Even if a few don't get rubber banded together it's that mush easier to find it's match on those few.
4. Pre- pour my breakfast protein shake. I know I can't be the only one that has had such a busy morning that lunch time rolls around before you realize you haven't eaten anything yet! So if I know I have lots to do in the morning I pour my milk, banana, and protein powder into my magic bullet cup the night before. Then when I wake up all I need to do is add 2 ice cubs and blend it super fast. Then I can drink it while I feed the kids.
5. Use ice cube trays for more than just ice. I use mine to freeze extra cream of wheat, baby food or even grated ginger.  Need to use a half a lemon and don't want the other one to go bad? Squeeze the juice in an ice cube tray and freeze it. I even did sauerkraut once, who uses the whole jar before it goes bad? Now I  just defrost a cube or 2 when Grandpa comes over for hot dogs.
Bonus- I know this is on every time saving list, but keep a planner. I keep a day planner and write out my meals for the week in it. Granted sometimes I move the meals around thru the week, but I make sure in advance I have everything I need. That way on busy days I know to use one of those freezer meals from above.
What time savings things do you do that are helpful?