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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's That Race Time Of Year Again

bling it on color run shine tour(1).jpg

Race season is upon us people. I know, I know real runners it's never off season. For those of us who have to train for 5K or  maybe 10K while you are training for wonder woman gazillion mile-ers (or that is what it feels like to us) we need a little help. Or should I say motivation, not help. For me once I have paid the money for something I then feel obligated to get as much of my monies worth as possible. For example I meant to buy a year family zoo pass for the longest time. Once I finally did buy it I went as much and as often as I could. I feel the same way with races. If I say I'll train for one then buy it I'll push it off. If I pay for the race then I'll start training right away so that I am ready for it.

So where do I start? What should my first race be? I suggest a fun one, like the the color run. I love the color run.  I have done one by myself, and one with my whole family. This year I am looking forward to my first race with just my husband and I. The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.
Now the single largest event series in the world. I am super excited that this year the color run has a new twist as well. A new shiny twist. 

Here is what they said about the shine tour:

We're pumping up the 5k course and finish festival too! Look for a unique Sparkle Zone and killer photo ops on the course. At the finish festival, get ready for confetti cannons, shimmering clouds of color, and more. Everyone in 2015 will receive a limited edition Shine Tour Participant Kit, including: custom race tee, gold finisher's medal, tricolor headband w/ silver stitching, brand-new shine packet, and shiny tattoos. Talk about "bling" with benefits!

How awesome is that? I also have 2 cool opportunities. 1 is a $5 off code just for you! Hurry quick because this code expires May 15th! The next is a giveaway. I also have a giveaway for 2 entries for the color run! Make sure you read the rules closely on this one though! Since it is for any of their race's across the US, there are a few more rules than usual on my giveaways.
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.05.31 AM.png

$5 OFF code will NOT work on newly launched cities.

Giveaway Rules and Info:

Once you have won you must register with your code online asap, because the code you will be given won't last forever. You will not be admitted at the gate if you have not registered online with the free code.  The staff at the gate will not know anything about the giveaway and won’t be able to help you.  If your event that you want to attend is not open yet for registration, you will need to email the person I tell you to when you see it open as we can’t order codes for them until the event is open. The r ace you want to register for cannot be the upcoming weekend as the turnaround time for codes is at least a week. The race you want to register for cannot be sold out. You must respond to my email within 48 hours. Then It will take at least a week for you to get your code(s) for your free entry. List of locations can be found here: The giveaway closes 5/9/15 12:00 AM EST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tum-E Yummies & Color Vibe 5k Giveaway

I am so excited for the race this weekend, I can't wait. I also can't wait to announce the winner for the race this weekend. I loved some of the ideas you shared for how you would color your world for the race. Using the winner is...

#4       2ManyBells

"One way I encourage my kids to run is to have a yummy destination point. We live 1/2 from a Great Harvest & smoothie shop. When we up it to 1 mile, we park at the store, run home and back to the shop. It seems to motivate them more.  
I definitely think you should run with goggles for the race!"

Make sure to send me an email ( within the next 48 hours so I don't have to pick a new winner. I hate doing that! Don't be shy share your pictures with me from the race this weekend or any other Color Vibe race. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tum-E Yummies Color Your World & Color Vibe 5k Giveaway

One thing I have been wanting to do is spend more time running as a family. What better way to motivate everyone than with a Color Vibe 5K? These are the most fun races out there. Plus for once you get to give your family an excuse to get dirty!

Since today is Cinco De Mayo I figured what better way to "spice up your life" than by putting together our own family's Color Your World Kit. I went to the store to grab some fun, hands on and bright things to do as a family in prep for the race. 
One thing I knew we would need for the race is some fun, bright colored socks. That way we can stand out and put our best foot forward.

Then I got some white T-shirts. You can find these just about any store.  I love looking at peoples before and after pictures from Color Vibe races. Starting out with a white shirt is the best way to show off all the fun from the race.
Also if you have lots of hair like me or blond hair like my daughter I suggest using a bandana. Getting chalk out of your hair is probably the hardest thing in the end to clean up. I had a hard time choosing between these white bandana's and the all white ones. My girls liked these ones better, so that's what I went with.

Then I got some fun fabric markers so we can make our own designs, fun saying or put our names on them. I'm excited to do this as a family. I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product when I announce the winner of the race.

Another colorful favorite for me are window markers. I love strolling up in our van with bright colored and encouraging windows. I also use them on mirrors to help encourage the kids while training or on the morning of the race.

One of my kids favorite most colorful drinks are Tum-E Yummies. They love these drinks. They were so excited when they sent us some of their favorite drinks and are sponsoring us in the race.

Want a chance to win your own Tum-E Yummies and 2 tickets to the Color Vibe 5K on May 24, 2014 in Cache Valley? Make a comment below of what you would do to color your world for the Color Vibe 5K. Bonus entry for sharing on Facebook or twitter. Just comment that you shared. Giveaway ends May 17, 2014 at midnight.

Also check out some of the other race locations and color your world kits here.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hormel Rev Meat Snack Mix's

Our family loves to be on the go. We look forward to car trips, outings and lots of adventures. Which also results in lots of eating and snacking on the go as well. I am always on the look out of good healthy snacks that we actually like. Especially things with protein. I was really looking forward to review the new Hormel Rev meat snacks.

 Hormel has these new Rev Meat Snack Mix's that I love. I tried 3 different flavors. The Spicy BBQ & Bacon, Pepperoni Pizza, and Turkey Ranch. They also have Honey Mustard Bacon (One I can't wait to try) and a pepperoni and cheese snack mix. Each of them having 8-12 grams of protein.
The Spicy BBQ and Bacon tastes just like it sounds. It had a nice spicy BBQ flavor and lots of bacon in it. The BBQ comes from the BBQ seasoned bagel chips, the kick is from jalapeno bacon and it also has sourdough pretzels in it as well.
The Pepperoni Pizza Snack mix has cheese crackers and parmesan, tomato herb bagel chips, and pepperoni. Really cute little pepperoni to be specific. Perfect snack for that picky eating kid that loves pepperoni pizza.
My favorite was the Turkey Ranch Meat Snack mix. It comes with cracked pepper pita chips, ranch seasoned breadsticks and smoked turkey. It was addicting. I couldn't stop just after one cup, I had to eat two! 

  • Where can you find some of these yummy filling snacks? Right now they are at several Smith's in the state of Utah selling them. Here are a few of the Smith's that you can purchase them at:
Smith's in Pleasant Grove
210 East 700 South

Smith's in Orem
45 S State Street

Smith's in Draper
212 E. 12300 S.

Smith's in Sandy
10305 S. 1300 E.

Smith's in Salt Lake City
3470 Bengal Blvd

Smith's in Ogden
4275 Harrison Blvd

I also have several $1 off coupons I can give out. That would make them probably just a little more than $1 each. If you are interested in trying one and want a coupon then leave me a comment below of which Smith's you would go buy it at,  and which meat snack sounds yummy to you. I'll pick a few comments at random on March 1st to give them out to. Make sure to include your email so I can contact you.

  •  I am curren tly a member of the HORMELTM REV TM Meat Snack Mix Program and this post is part of my involvement in the Group. While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiment in Utah Queen of Chaos are my own.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

BBQ Pitstop Rub Winner

It's that time to announce the winner. Looks like you guys saw some yummy choices out there. I was surprised how many people said they wanted to try the sweet hot mustard, now I'm intrigued by it as well. I love the uniqueness of the options, definitely nothing you would find at the typical grocery store.

The winner is...
Wen Budro
 "I would really like to try their bone suckin yaki sauce and the honey mustard bbq sauce....they sound yummy."

Ok, I am also wanting to try the bone suckin yaki sauce. Ooh on kababobs, and with mushrooms. I know what my husband is buying me for Valentines day ;)
Congratulations. Respond to my email within the next 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner.

Friday, January 10, 2014

BBQ Pit Stop Review and Giveaway

I was so excited to do this review for BBQ Pitstop. Things may be a little backwards in my home when it comes to barbequing, because I am the one who loves to grill. About 8 years ago for Mother's Day I got my first grill. I am always looking for good rubs, spices, and sauces. I finally have found my one stop BBQ needs shop.
The first thing I tried was the Plowboys BBQ Yardbird Rub. This rub was made for chicken but tastes better on pork. I tried it on chicken cause that's what I had in my freezer and boy was it delicious. With 4 kids I like quick healthy meals, that still impress my husband when he gets home from work. Using this rub was perfect. I rubbed the chicken in the morning. One thing I love about rubs is that you don't always have to do it ahead of time. Obviously the longer the better, but it makes me look like an amazing cook when the rub does all the work. I also love rubs because they have 0 calories. If eating healthier is part of your New Years resolutions then spices are the way to go. They enhance flavor without the extra calories.
Before dinner I popped the chicken in the oven. When it's warmer outside I obviously grill it, but it was too cold to go outside. Then I made some risotto (my girls love rice) and some carrots with a little bit of ginger.  My husband loved it. As I wrote this review he still was telling me how good it was. Yummy smoky flavor with a nice little kick to it. I took the extras and shredded them to go in chicken quesadilla's for the following night as well. I am excited to try this rub on pork. If it was that good on chicken, it will be that much better on pork.
On Christmas Eve I knew we were going to have a crazy day, but would want a nice dinner that night. I decided to make pork ribs letting their delicious Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce do all the work. I put the ribs and the sauce in my crockpot, and forgot about it all day. When we walked in the door the aroma hit us like a brick wall. Even my kids were saying how good dinner smelled! Eight hours on low in the crockpot was perfect. The ribs just fell right off the bone. It was the perfect combo of sweet, smoky and spicy, perfect for ribs. Just like it says on the bottle "especially excellent on ribs."  
I love different kinds of spices, my spice rack is overflowing. I also love impressing with top quality barbeque sauce's. Next time you have company over why not impress with the best ingredients, which do a lot of the work for you? Check out for their full line of grills, smokers, spices and sauces. Also like them on facebook for tips and updates.
BBQ Pit Stop are also giving away a rub. Woot, woot, I know how much you guys love giveaways. This is a yummy one too. So visit their website and browse through their sauces and spices. Then comment below which one intrigues you the most. Enter by using the rafflecopter below. No cheating, I will be verifying the entry. Closes 1/17/14 at 12:00 AM
**I was only given the product to review, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own honest opinions.**

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back to Blocks Winner

Thanks Back to Blocks for the fabulous giveaway! Next time you want to purchase some blocks you'll know where to go. Blocks also make the best baby shower gift. Nothing like giving a child their first set of blocks. That's one gift you know will get plenty of use, and you don't have to worry about getting broken and thrown away. Plus they are made in the USA.
The lucky winner of the 24 piece block set is...
Joni Caraway

Congratulations. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner. I hate doing that!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gelish Mini Basics Kit Giveaway

I am co-hosting a great giveaway for all those nail lovers out there. I personally am just trying to stick to the regular basics Jess talked about on her guest post during the summer.  I know a lot of you out there love to do your own nails. My friend at Lulu and Sweet Pea has a popular post on DIY Gel Nails for those of you talented enough to do that. She is also giving away the exact same set that she uses for her gel nails. Check it out:

This complete Gelish MINI set up includes:
  • Gelish MINI Basix kit- Ph Bond, Foundation, Top It Off,  Nourish cuticle oil, Nail Surface Cleanser, Artificial Nail Remover, cuticle pusher, file, and orangewood stick.
  • 2 Gelish MINI colors- Make You Blink Pink & I'm Brighter Than You.
  • Gelish MINI pro LED curing lamp

Hosts for the giveaway
 Now without further ado, the giveaway!
You can enter this giveaway on the Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Please refer to the terms and conditions.
Open internationally. Giveaway ends Dec 30, 2013 at 12:00AM PST
Void where prohibited by law.  
Winner's entry will be verified- so please don't cheat.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Norwex Enviro Cloth Giveaway Winner

Before I announce the winner of the fabulous microfiber Enviro Cloth let me tell you about one more product. That's the leather shine. This is at the top of my must have list.

The leather shine not only cleans but restores the natural oils to dry leather while it waterproofs, moisturizes and protects. I want it not only for my husbands shoes, and coat but for my wood. 
 Check out the pictures below that I found from.


For just under $35 it cleans belts, purses, baseball gloves, boots, and I even watched Tricia use it on someone's piano! Click here for more information.

We also did a giveaway for the enviro cloth. This cloth is amazing. My neighbor just got crayon and pencil off with it, no joke! It comes with a 2 year warranty, but many have used them much longer. The winner of the cloth is...

Tara Carlson

"I'm especially interested in the Enviro Cloth - we go through so many paper towels in my house with four boys! I'd also like to try out the Kids Mop Pack for the same reason!"

Congratulations! Email me at utahqueenofchaos to claim your prize with in the next 48 hours.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Norwex Post and Hot Chocolate Bar

I just got done with hosting a Norwex show. It was a lot of fun and also very informative. I did a fun hot chocolate bar which was really yummy. Here are a few things that stood out to me from the Norwex consultant Tricia, and my printable hot chocolate bar tags.

The first thing was the label on Lysol wipes. I know have used these a lot in the past. I have even given them to my kids to use to clean stuff. Never have I ever actually read the instructions before. I never noticed the not to be used by children, or keep out of reach of children before. I also didn't notice that in order to it to actually disinfect it has to stay wet for 10 minutes. To sanitize it's 30 seconds (I just pulled that off Lysols website) and to disinfect (especially the big ones like salmonella and H1N1) it has to remain wet for 10 minutes. Then it says to "rinse all food contact surfaces and toys with water after use." Why would they say to rinse it with water? Well to clean off the chemicals left over before you eat them, putting it bluntly. I found a Lysol container in the way back of my daughters bathroom that was dried out, but sure enough, that's what it said. Here is the picture I just took:

That just made their enviro cloth shine that much greater to me. I tried to find a good video on how well it works, and this is the best one I have found.

She also gave us a list of products that her niece's oncologist gave her of products not to use. I was amazed at the list. I'll have to get a copy of it to share. My 3 favorite products are the enviro cloth, the window cloth, and the dust mitt. You can buy all 3 for just under $50.00. These products are amazing. You can look up more about them here.

Only 24 hours left in my giveaway for and enviro cloth. Go check it out here.

I also did a hot chocolate party while I hosted the Norwex party.  I felt really crafty and special. Click on the picture to download the tags I created for the hot chocolate bar. My only suggestion is printing it smaller, maybe 2 to a page. I thought mine came out a little big.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Norwex Cleaning Products & Giveaway

Recently I learned about a great new cleaning company called Norwex. I was blown away by what they can do. They have so many great products I thought I would list my favorites. Here are some of them:

The Enviro Cloth-
I just got my Enviro Cloth and have been using it non stop! It is amazing. It is one of the best microfiber cloths I have ever used. It's strands are 1/200th the size of a strand of human hair, which allows it to pick up so much more than a normal cloth. The part that makes them more special is the microsilver imbedded in the cloth. This allows it to have a self purification process eliminating odors and mold/mildew growth. I watched my consultant put raw kitchen on the counter and show the bacteria on a swab.  Then she rinsed her Enviro cloth with water, wiped it up and the counter was clean!!! Then you just rinse out the cloth and hang it up to air dry. Who would have thought a cloth and water can clean raw chicken?

The Window Cloth-
How much money would you save if you never needed window cleaner again?  Simply spray windows, mirrors, or any shiny surface with just water and wipe it with a dry window cloth. It's that easy! Now my kids won't waste half a bottle of Windex on 1 window. If it's really dirty or grimy use an Enviro cloth first then the window cloth. VoilĂ . it's that easy.

Makeup Remover Cloth-
How fabulous would it be to never pay for a makeup remover again too? With the makeup remover cloth, again, all you need is the cloth and water. Yes, that include cleaning off your mascara too. In the past I have even owned 2 different kinds of makeup removers one for my face and one for eye make up, now I don't need either.

Let's not forget how environmentally friendly all their products are! I think we have been trained to think that lemon, pine or other scents mean something is clean. In reality clean has no smell. Clean is just clean.

Those are my 3 most favorites so far. I have purchased there toothbrush which is suppose to help get rid of more bacteria than other toothbrushes. My consultants has had clients that have had less canker sores since the switch, so time will tell if it helps me or not, I'll pay just about anything to help reduce and lessen my canker sore outbreaks. She has had some people that have had less acne and eczema using the body cloths as well. I also want to get the mitt that attracts dust better than anything else I have seen. That way my kids can do a better dusting job. Just to add a few things I am intrigues about.

To purchase your own Norwex cloths or other products click here. Don't be shy, tell her I sent you. Or you can also send her a message to be added to her monthly mailing list for deals and specials.

Tricia has donated an Enviro Cloth for a giveaway! Then you can test it out for yourself!! Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter. When entering your comment to enter to win what product intrigues you the most? Do you already use Norwex products? Then tell me which product you use and why you love it! Giveaway closes 12/12/13 at 12:00 AM.

This giveaway opens 12/4/2013 at 12:00 AM and closes 12/12/13 at 12:00 AM. Open to the United States only. Winner will be notified within 48 hours. Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

This time of year is my favorite. I love Halloween. Not the spooky, scary side of it. I love the decorations, dressing up, and candy part of Halloween. Most years we try to be matchy, matchy. This year isn't any different. We are doing a repeat of 2009, only our family has doubled. We are doing Wizard of Oz! Here are a few pictures from the past.
2009- Wizard of Oz

2010- Spiderman & Spidergirl

2011- Princess Peach, Luigi and Mario

2012- Spiderbaby, Spiderman, & Spidergirl

Pictures for 2013 are soon to come!
This week has been madness, so I am posting the winner to the gift card late.
Thanks for everyone that entered! The winner is...
 Candice Foster

Thanks for everyone that entered!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wish Me Luck

I decided to be brave and enter one of those Facebook contests. One that you try and see who can get the most votes. I was going to do a giveaway for each person that liked my photo then they would got entered into a drawing for a $25 Visa gift card, but I didn't think that was fair to the other contestants.

So I am doing a gift card giveaway for following me via GFC or liking my facebook page
Just comment below that you follow my blog or you follow my Facebook page. I also have been having a writers blank lately. So tell me what kinds of things you like to read about on blogs.
 If out of the goodness of your hearts you want to like my facebook photo on Hapari's contest, warm fuzzies will be sent your way.

Thanks everyone so much for supporting me and my blog! Enter by using the rafflecopter below." rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 21, 2013

American Fork Halloween 5K Fun Run

This Saturday is American Fork's Halloween 5K for Autism of Utah. I was lucky enough to giveaway an entry for it. The winner of this fun run is...
Megan Maibaum             

Congratulations. Please respond to my email within 24 hours, or I will have to pick a new winner.
If you want something fun to do this weekend it's still not to late to sign up for the fun run yourself. Visit for more information or to register.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Giveaway- The American Fork Chamber Halloween 5K Fun Run

The American Fork Chamber of Commerce is hosting a 5K on October 26th. Besides it being a chance to get out and exercise its an opportunity to support a great charity, and dress up for some extra Halloween fun.

The AF Halloween fun run supports the Autism council of Utah.  "The Autism Council of Utah is an independent council working to foster collaboration, communication, and learning among families and agencies. Our aim is to promote access to resources and responsible information for individuals of all ages who have, or are affected by autism, or related conditions."

The fun part about this 5K is you get to get one more use out of your Halloween costume. They are having a costume contest with several different categories. Even if your not racing you can come participate. If you have a family or group with a fun theme come enter and show it off. Judging starts at 6:30 and all are welcome.

The race starts at 7 pm at the American Fork Recreation Center, 454 N Center American Fork. Check in is between 5 and 6:30 PM.

Entry is $25 for adults which includes a $10 of egifts cards from Gandolfo's (Mmm Gandalfo's, I will have to go get me a polo grounds after the race ;), Yogurt Bliss, and Purple Turtle.
$18 without a shirt for adults, includes registration and egift cards.
$20 for 17 and under with a sirt.
$13 for 17 and under no shirt.
They can register at or

If you are registering 4 or more email Debby at for 10% off.

AF Chamber is also giving away 1 entry to their 5K Halloween fun run. Use the rafflecopter below to enter. FOR UTAH RESIDENTS ONLY.  Ends 10/20/13 at 12:00 AM. Must respond within in 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Winner of 2 Tickets to The Hungry Games

 If you didn't win, don't fear there are more opportunities if you follow Desert Star's Facebook page. The Hungry Games will be playing until November 9th.
The winner for 2 tickets to the Desert Star's funny The Hungry Games is...
#49 Melissa Curran

Congratulations. Please respond to my email within 48 hours to claim your tickets. Otherwise I will have to pick a new winner.

I also am excited about next years shows coming up. If you want the most bang for your buck, I highly suggest season tickets. My husband and I  have loved buying season tickets years past for our Christmas present to each other. Than we had guaranteed date nights for the rest of the year.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Hungry Games Review and Giveaway

Did I just read that right? "The Hungry Games?" That must be a typo! Nope , it's not. I went and saw "The Hungry Games" over the weekend at the one and only Desert Star Theater.

I think this will be on my list of top 3 shows I have ever seen at the Desert Star. So I wonder, what makes this show so much funnier than any others?  Here's why I think it's amazingly witty:
1- I think the writer, Bryan Dayley, did a great job writing it. This is the foundation of any great performance. He not only knew the basis of the parody, but the audience and actors. I love the songs in it, they are so well balanced. They bring in not only a part of the story, a part of the character and yet some random stabs at typical desert star humor, ie. Utah life, politics, etc. All while being sung to a well known tune. Here is a fun video clip of how to write the perfect Desert Star show.

2. A great show needs great actors! Even with a great script if you don't have gifted actors, you're screwed. The actors did a phenomenal job. Not only are they great singers (Especially Jason Craig West) but are very versatile. Playing roles based on popular characters, but with a Desert Star twist, there is a lot that they have to portray. They have great facial expressions, dramatic voices, good comedic timing, and reading the audience. I love how they make each other laugh on stage as well.
3.  Desert Star productions are usually based on popular and well known books or shows. Even if you haven't seen or read the show they are imitating you always have several good laughs at the Desert Star. However, if you are familiar with the basic story that is being parodied, you usually get more laughs out of it than those who aren't familiar with it. I enjoyed The Hunger Games books, and movie, making this more enjoyable for me.  If you haven't read them though, don't let that stop you! My husband hasn't read them and he loved the show. He too said it was one of the better shows he has seen there in a while.
So what is this raving show about? It's about an evil fast food owner Donald MacRonald and his daughter Little Debbie who try to get more publicity to their "tolerable" food. So they create the rigged Hungry Games. The contestants are the heroine Katnip Neverclean, her odd sister Grimrose Neverclean, the almost invisible Pizza Malarky, and Gail Rodriguez. All trained by the one and only Haymitch Hogan. As they journey to be the last one standing there are many fun adventures along the way. Including the evidence of Mormons- "They buried their food as part of a ritual called 'Food Storage.'"
Following the show their Olio is based on songs of comedy. It's a mix of some favorite comedic songs through the years. As a Hispanic my favorite being the song about Mexicans and the border. As a little taste of what you will get here is a clip of  me and my sons favorite Olio pieces performed during an Olio, "Defying Gravity."

The show plays till November 8th. So be sure to book your show today! The closer it gets to the close of the show the busier it gets. Their box office is great to work with. I recommend opening up the seating chart when you call them or just order your tickets right online.
The Desert Star is giving away 2 tickets to this fabulous production! Just use the rafflecopter below to enter. Please note that the Desert Star is in Murray, UT making this giveaway for Utah residents only!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway opens 9/18/13 at 12:00 AM and closes 9/25/13 at 12:00 AM. It is open to Utah Residents only. Winner will be notified within 48 hours. Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Maxi Skirt Giveaway Winner


I just got home from a quick visit to New York and the maxi skirt trend was hot! I loved walking away from "deals" that were twice as much as Silver Apple Boutique.

As sad as it is that this great giveaway is coming to a close the fun doesn't have to come to an end! Make sure you have liked Silver Apple Boutiques Facebook page for more giveaway opportunities.

The winner of one of these fabulous skirts is...

Stephanie D. Ferrell

Please respond to my email within 48 hours to claim this. Thanks again everyone!
Be sure to check out their cute dresses as well. See something you like they have free shipping this weekend!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Summers "Maxi"mum Best Trend

I love the maxi skirt trend so much right now, I can't get enough of them. Especially with winter around the corner I want to stock up. I love long skirts for "Forgot to shave my legs days," or days that are too cold. With the trend growing I feel like some places are SO overpriced! I just can't spend $50 on a skirt, that is outrageous! Luckily I know someone with better prices. My friend owns Silver Apple Boutique. She went to China last year to do some research and opened earlier this year. She has cute dresses, skirts, necklaces and shirts. The best part is that she has them for so much cheaper than anywhere else.
Me wearing my cute coral maxi skirt from Silver Apple Boutique

When we went to California the new high-low skirts were everywhere. I came back wanting one, especially for beach and swim wear. Silver Apple Boutique has tons of cute colors and they are perfect for fall. The black ones are great because they can go with so much. Plus you can dress them up with a nice pair of heels, or dress them down for an easy day with flip flops.

I asked what her most popular item was and she said her chevron prints, hands down. Plus I love all the mint and coral colors. That is why I love this maxi dress, it's the best of both worlds! I could wear it with my mint green cardigan I wore in my above picture.

She often gets asked, "How do you match with all these fun bright skirts?"  Easy, not matching is very in. You can throw together so many different colors together and they work great. Here is a great article on color blocking. It has a color wheel to help you see how so many different things go together. The article clearly states clashing is OK and very popular!
These plain colored maxi's are great for lots of patterned or colored tops. I'm a cardigan girl myself, so this fall I will be rocking this with a bright lace yellow cardigan, or maybe even red and orange, who knows?
Another popular thing that I love is the Aztec/tribal prints. When I saw she had this one I texted her to save me one because I knew they would go fast! Isn't it cute?
So jump on the maxi skirt band wagon, and stock up. Silver Apple Boutique not only has the best prices, but is constantly getting new things in. Follow Silver Apple Boutique's facebook page for updates, products and giveaways.
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