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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 2- Stop Being Curtious and Take Control

Food is a big part of our lives. We need it, but we are also in control of it. Don't let food control you. Set the boundaries for your individual needs and stick to it. All too often we are to nice to say, "No!" This last season of The Biggest Loser I remember one contestant saying something along the lines of- I can't afford to be nice anymore. For example we often don't want to offend if eating at someone else's home. We are too courteous to ask for special preparations when going out to eat. Unfortunately we can't afford to always be nice. It's ok to take your life in control and say no sometimes.
Even the littlest change can make a difference. You don't need to eliminate everything bad in your diet. I suggest keeping a food dairy for at least a week. Track what you eat, when you eat it and how you felt afterwards. Then sit down and make adjustments and goals. Everyone is different. Set better goals for you and your lifestyle. Set goals to help you feel healthier.
Now that we have had a week on exercise options, and now food control we are on the right track for getting more fit and healthy. Next week is the fun week once all the hard work start to pay off and we get to go shopping!

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 2- Fight the Cravings

"Are you hungry or are you bored?" I ask my kids this all the time. All too often as a parent when my kids are bored, fighting, need a time filler we use snacks. We also go to food out of habit. What's a movie with out popcorn or a holiday with out baked goods? There are ways to help fight cravings and snack better.
Start out by allowing yourself to have snacks. Schedule your self a snack after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't skip them. Otherwise like Christy mentioned here you will binge or run to junk. Eat lean protein, healthy fats, or produce. Easy lean proteins are things like turkey, Greek yogurt, hard boiled egg whites, soy or black beans. Some great healthy fats can be avocado, nuts or almond/peanut butter. If you are going to have a higher sugared or carb snack eat it sooner rather than later. That way you give your body more time to burn it off.

A new study shows raisins as a great snack. Compared to other snacks raisins help you feel more full so that you intake less calories. Raisins are cholesterol and fat free, and have very little natural sodium. Plus they are a great anti-oxidant. Raisins are easy to take anywhere.
Celery and apples with peanut butter are one my kids favorites. I eat mine with almond butter. My son loves to make "peanut butter ants." Which are raisins with peanut butter. It's a little messy but healthier than a fruit snack. Click on the picture below for 100 more snack idea's

What do I do if I still crave things between snacks and meals? Hopefully if you are eating 3 proper meals, and 3 filling snacks you shouldn't crave too much. If you do here are some things I use to help me with cravings.
First of all I use any kind of positive motivation or sayings. I put them on my fridge. I use to have this picture on my fridge, right now it's a Hawaii picture.

If I you are craving sugars try eating a huge spoonful of actual sugar. Chances are you won't be able to do it. Even if you do I wonder if it would be healthier than whatever the alternative was?

When I have a chocolate craving I get out 10 chocolate chips, usually dark chocolate. I eat only 1 every minute. That way for 10 minutes I get a nice chocolaty snack. Usually those 10 minutes and a tall glass of water help hold me over till the next meal.
Try drinking some water or chewing some gum. Try something to keep you busy and occupied. I am sure there is some laundry, or a good book somewhere to help get your mind off food.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 2- Is Eating Healthier More Expensive?

We previously got some great advice from Christy on eating healthier. Now it's time to go shopping, and replace our kitchen with better food. Wait isn't eating healthier more expensive? I hear this all the time. Yes pre packaged foods are cheaper, but they are just that CHEAP! If you are what you eat, then why do we eat such crap? Sometimes it's convenience and other times it's cost. I want to show you that eating better isn't always more costly.

1- Buy Things In Season
Yesterday I encouraged everyone to buy more fruits and veggies. They are cheapest when purchased in season. Be aware of what is in season and where is it grown. A few months ago a 10lb bag of potato's were $.99. At that price my kids were eating potato everything. Baked potatoes, funeral potatoes, hash browns, potato soup and tons more. Here are some charts of when things are in season.


2- Price Match

There are lots of websites to help you price match. They do a lot of the leg work for you finding out where the best deals are. Then you go to a place that price matches like Wal-Mart and price match. Now I know sometimes these "cheaper" places don't have as good of quality produce, but the nutrients in the food don't change. Just make sure to plan on eating them quicker. I recommend using a website like
 3- Budgeting
When replacing unhealthy foods for healthier options, we are also replacing where money is being spent. For example instead of white rice buy brown rice. Instead of paying for chips, soda and candy buy dehydrated fruits, nuts and juice. Yes some healthier options do cost more money sometimes, the idea is to spend the money elsewhere not in addition to.

4. Cook More

Go out to eat less and cook more. Fast food and going out to eat adds up fast. Especially if you are trying to choose wisely from a menu. I'm amazed at how sometimes a salad for 1 person can be $7 or more. For that cost I could make a salad for my whole family. I know, I know, Café Rio and Olive Garden have a really yummy dressing though! Did you know that for the same price you can ask to buy just the dressing? Its true, next time ask your favorite restaurant how much for their salad dressing to go is, just be careful on portion control.

Do more cooking at home. Spend time cooking together as a family, not only is it more fun, but it encourages healthier eating in our kids. I am amazed when I find out how little some people eat as a family, and how much fast food they buy.  My husband and I joke often about when we first got married all I could cook was Mexican food. It was what I grew up on and loved, even when we went out to eat I chose Mexican food. So each year of our marriage I chose a new food to focus on and learn. The first year was chicken. Ways to buy it, prepare it, cook it and so on. Then I did ground beef, steaks, fish and this year is pork. One year I did cakes, that was a yummy and fattening year ;) Just like exercising, try new things. With the Internet (and pinterest) who needs a library of cook books? You can look up almost any recipe, or what to cook based on what ingredients you have on hand.
In the end eating healthier isn't always more money. Besides if you don't take care of your body now, you'll spend more in health bills in the future. Plus foods that actually fill you like lean protein may cost more, but you won't find yourself snacking as much because you are actually full. Tomorrow we will talk about healthy snacks and curbing cravings.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 2- Fruits and Vegetables

I am surprised on how often I hear fruits and vegetables aren't eaten in other's homes. I have had my kids friends ask me "What is that?" as they point to a kiwi, mango or other staple in my home. My kids have very few qualms with fruits and vegetables, but meat is an entirely different story. My kids fought over the last asparagus at Easter dinner. They beg me for mango's, peaches and pea's.

If fruits and vegetables aren't eaten often in your home then make a goal to eat more. Much like when I tried out fitness classes, try new things. If you want your kids to be better eaters, it starts with you. Try picking out something new each week to try. As a family research it. Where is it grown? How is it typically prepared? Look up recipes and stories and as a family and try it more than one way.

When my grandpa lived near us he would always make the most exquisite and unique fruit and veggie trays. Always with something even out there for my family like a pummelo or star fruit. He was the one that showed me papaya is best with some lime juice on it. Plus my kids always looked forward to his wide array of berries. I always had to make sure to send them in clothes that could get berry stained.

Make sure to have fruits and vegetables at every meal. Eat those first before you fill up from your main protein. Show your kids how excited you are to eat them and enjoy them. Feel free to season your vegetable with yummy spices. Now that summer is here bbq them! There are tons of recipes on grilling vegetables and even some fruits, like peaches.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to a Farmers Market. My kids love going to Farmers Markets. Not only is it great for supporting local business's but a great way to see what is in season. Last year my son wanted to save his money just for the Farmers Market. He not only paid for 3 peaches, but took his precious time picking each one out. One for himself and one for each sister, what a nice brother. To this day he says it was the yummiest peach ever.

Here is my tip to how I first got Kadan to eat asparagus. Besides pretending to eat Veggie Tales guys, I used this recipe.

Sugar Grilled Asparagus:

1 bundle asparagus, about 20 spears
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 orange, zested

Preheat grill to medium-high heat.
Cut the tough ends off asparagus, roll in oil and coat with sugar and salt. Place asparagus on the grill and cook for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Turn asparagus to ensure even cooking. You know the asparagus are done when sugar is caramelized and asparagus are starting to look burnt. Sprinkle orange zest over asparagus before serving.

I know, I know, not the healthiest thing to eat. Over time I used less and less sugar till he didn't even realize there wasn't any sugar on them at all. You could do this with brown sugar carrots as well. Besides if your going to make your kid try a vegetable, why not one covered in sugar ;)


My husband loves to make smoothies. He probably makes them almost daily. As long as you don't make them with sugar or ice cream these can be better snack choices. With cheaper fruit around the corner I recommend making your own freezer smoothie bags. If your banana's are going to go bad cut them up and add them to freezer bags. Then buy any kind of fruit like peaches, strawberries, black berries, blueberries, etc and add them as well.

 Fruits and vegetables are so yummy and make great snacks. Make a goal on eating more. Make sure to refuel with these and not quick fix's and sugars!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 2- Healthy and SMART Eating by Christy Stevenson

I am so excited to introduce today's guest blogger. I met Christy when I started trying out different classes and work outs. Remember my favorite instructor from this post ? She helped me loose those last few and most stubborn pounds after baby #3.
As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I get a ton of questions about healthy eating. It should be known right off the bat—I am NOT a nutritionist or a registered dietitian. What I am is a perpetual reader, experimenter, and studier of the most recent nutrition science. I’m also an avid runner, and I’ve done bikini bodybuilding—two very different sports with very different nutrition requirements, but I’ve learned how to fuel my body to feel good for a variety of demanding activities. I’ve also learned to not get so hung up on rules and numbers, which is an easy thing to do when you participate in physique contests! Instead, focus on eating REAL food, eating mindfully, and developing a healthy relationship with food.

Eating REAL. Most consumers are finally beginning to understand what REAL means—if it’s in a package, odds are high it’s not 100% real. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it’s definitely not REAL, unless you’re just a terrible reader. Real food is fresh, delicious, and makes you feel connected to the Earth. Nothing is more gratifying than making a salad purely out of food items I grew in my own backyard. Ethically, I do try to purchase "happy" meat and poultry and fish; economically, this isn’t always feasible but I definitely avoid processed meats, as they tend to be high in sodium and nitrates and have been linked to cancer and listeria (

Eating mindfully. When it comes to eating, all too often we are similar to dogs. We will put anything into our mouths, anytime, no matter what it is. We need to stop and think. Is this actually benefitting my body? Am I already satisfied? Is this an emotional craving or do I truly need this nutrient? Do I need to SLEEP or EAT? For my clients, I always ask: what are your sleep habits? If I can fix their sleep patterns (or lack thereof), I can help them drop 5-10 lbs easily. Late night eating is often a result of people ignoring their bodies, which are telling them to CONSERVE calories and go to sleep. Instead, they interpret is as, "CONSUME calories. You need energy." I’d guess this is the number one detriment to clients reaching their weight loss goals! The number two detriment is the misguided belief that you should always be full. You should NEVER feel full, even after a meal. Aim for 70% full, and eat when you’re 70% "starving". Typically, this translates to eating every few hours, small but satisfying meals.

Develop a healthy relationship with food. Food is not the enemy. It is not your friend. It is not your reward or your punishment. Food is fuel. Because it fuels us—gives us energy, heals our bodies, feeds our cells—we should put the best foods into our bodies. Food is also part of our cultures. Often, we celebrate with food, but the focus should still be on the people and moments we are celebrating, and not just about the food. When I first got into physique competing, I did find myself obsessing over food and viewing food negatively. Inevitably, my strict dieting and deprivations led to full-on bingeing episodes. These in turn led to guilt and negative self-image (how could I have no willpower?), and the cycle repeated itself. I had to re-establish healthy thought patterns. I had to let go of the "fruit after noon is a sin" and "bread is for fat people" mindsets. I now focus on the 90-10 rule: how do you eat 90% of the time? 90% of the time, I eat clean, no refined sugar, tons of lean protein, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and small portions. But 10% of the time, I enjoy splurges! I eat a chocolate chip cookie; I chomp down a gourmet burger; or I imbibe a sugary alcoholic beverage. And I don’t beat myself up. I move on easily to my 90% healthy eating lifestyle.
Now, the above tips are all fine and dandy. But I know my clients want some specific steps that work when trying to lose fat pounds. Here are the basic guidelines I give my clients to get them started on their healthy eating journey:

In a nutshell . . . Be SMART.
S- Simplify meals. No need for tons of ingredients & complex recipes. Think easy, fresh, real.

M- Make it mindful. Decide if you’re hungry. You may actually be thirsty, bored, depressed, stressed, etc. Eat slowly. Eat to satisfaction. Never ever feel FULL. Don’t ever let your blood sugar levels drop too low, either. The second you feel full is the second you’ve put on another pound. The second your blood sugar levels drop is the second you’re going to binge & make poor food choices.

A-Active all day. Seek ways to move more, especially after meals. A calorie is not just a calorie. Your metabolic rate plays a huge part, & activity is the easiest way to increase it. Also thermogenic: spicy peppers, green tea/coffee, & muscles ;)

R- Replace rather than Remove. Avoid thinking that you’re giving up foods; instead focus on replacing foods. Replace one bad habit at a time—try not to get overwhelmed with every change at once. Unless you do better cold-turkey approach!

T- Time. Time, time. Time your meals & stick to them. Make time for your workouts. Make time for YOU. Spend less time hiding out in your pantry & more time playing with your family ;)

Smart & simple meal formula :

Meal 1: 1 serving starchy carb, 1 serving fruit, 1 serving protein
Meal 2: 1 serving fruit/veggie carb, 1 serving dairy protein, teensy serving of healthy fat
(post-workout or mid-morning snack)
Meal 3: large serving leafy greens/fibrous carb, 1 serving protein, 1 serving fruit/veggie carb, teensy serving healthy fat
Meal 4: 1 serving fruit or veggie carb, ½ serving protein, ½ serving healthy fat
(afternoon snack)
Meal 5: large serving veggie carb, small serving starchy carb or large leafy carb, 1 serving protein, teensy healthy fat
Meal 6: ½-1 serving protein, 1 serving fruit or veggie carb, teensy healthy fat
(post-workout or pre-bedtime snack)

Christy Stevenson is a Fitflicks personal trainer, IDEA Fitness Journal writer, a high school English teacher, and mom of three. She teaches fitness classes and supervises the land aerobics program at American Fork Fitness Center. Learn more at .

Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 2- You Are What You Eat

Week 2- You Are What You Eat.

Thanks for sticking with me during week 1 of this fun series. It sure was a long hard week. Don't stop working out just because the week is over. Keep going. Make sure to surround yourself with positive people and remember what is keeping you motivated.  For me it's Hawaii.

This week we will be discussing healthy eating. I don't really like calling it a diet. I think all too often we make food the enemy. Food is good, and should be enjoyed. Only it should be enjoyed with reason. Baby steps are better than no steps. If you enjoy ice cream every night try slowly decreasing your proportions. Then move to every other night and hopefully getting to only once or twice a week. Baby steps is great for scardy cats and those just trying better eating habits for life.

I however have a specific goal in mind that is only weeks away. I have to jump right in and not look back at that yummy bowl of ice cream. I am not one to just test out the water, I like to cannon ball right in.

There are some key things to help you start out.

1- Count your calories. Annoying and time consuming I know. Unless you actually track what you eat, you won't know where to make adjustments. The first time I did this I didn't realize how many calories some foods had, and how often I ate them. After several weeks I got use to how many calories, fat and protein foods had and didn't need to track daily. Although when you get started you can't just assume, you need to know.

I recommend an app or program called My Fitness Pal. You can track on your phone or on your computer.  This also will help track how much fats, carbs, and proteins you eat. You can also just scan the barcode on your phone and it adds it for you. It even tracks what you had recently, so the more you use it, the faster it gets. Another bonus to counting calories is when you got to snack on a random small treat, it usually isn't worth inputting into your phone.

2- Write it down. Again time consuming I know, but it takes time to look good.
Write down what you no longer are going to eat. What are you going to replace those with? What can you eat? Write down your weekly meal plan, otherwise in a hurry you will go for those quick high carb and calorie meals.

After my 3rd child I was having a hard time loosing the weight. My big brother told me how important food is in my plan. He helped me come up with an approved after 8 pm snack list. I posted it on my fridge to help remind me. I will share the list with you, but please keep in mind, this list was designed for me. For my habits, my body type, and my lifestyle. It was my first step to getting healthy and back into pre pregnancy pants. There are some things on this list others would disagree with or even add, but here it is:

My brother recommends eating these in a smaller quantity. He says, "You shouldn't need a lot to curb the hunger. Basically anything that's low to no sugar/carbs. I usually just have a spoonful of peanut butter or a handful of almonds/pistachio's and I'm good." -Big Brother of Chaos

3- Plan and Prepare Ahead of Time. This goes hand in hand with writing it down. Plan ahead if you are going out of town, to someone's house, or just for those busy days. Pre package and proportion snacks if you know you will be out running errands. Make sure you have healthy go to foods ready to go. Meal plan and grocery shop in advance. This helps eliminate bad snacking, quick unhealthy meals, and not having what you need.

Hope fully these things will help you get started. This week we have meals, idea's and much more.