Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun & Free Factory Tours

I knew I needed to have busy days during our spring break. So I planned on going to the Sweets Candy Factory Tour in Salt Lake City. I have wanted to go for a while and decided to just do it. We went with friends from the neighborhood and had fun, even though I spent half my attention on my kids and keeping them behind the yellow lines. What my other half saw was fascinating. They literally have millions of taffy and huge bags of sugar. The kids each got to pick out some taffy in there gift shop where they have some good deals on candy.
So this made me think of other tours I have been to.
1. I've been to a Hershey factory tour. I went when there was one in Oakdale, Ca. Now the only tour is in Hershey, PA. See here for more info. They have a few fun Hershey's stores now. We have been to the one in New York and Niagara Falls. My kids loved them.
2. One of my favorites was the Jelly Belly Tour.  The Jelly Belly Factory is in Fairfield, Ca and lasts about 40 minutes. I think my oldest was a baby when we went and I would love to do this again with all of them one day. Click here for more information.
3. Another favorite was the Lousiville Slugger Museum. Now this one is not free but still is at the top of the list. If you are ever in Louisville this is a must see! I'm not even a huge baseball know it all or fan and I loved it!
4. Ethel M. Chocolate Factory tour is fun to do if your in Vegas and want some family friendly activities. Click here for this tour info.
5. Hammonds Candies is in Denver and fascinating as well. I took the kids to this after Adrianna was born. It is really short, but still free and fun if in the area. Here is there link on when they do tours.
6. Another neat one was the Harley Davidson vehicle & power trains factory tour. We tried going to this once when they were closed for a week, so be sure to view there website when they are open here. The second time we were near there I couldn't pass it up! This one was very fascinating, but the tour is not kid friendly. They can be in welcome area and shop but not on the tour. There are 2 tours, a short free tour and a more elaborate one that costs money.
7. I've been to both Federal Reserves. I went to the Denver one growing up with my family, and the one in Kansas City, Missouri with my kids. I thought they were fascinating. Click here for more info.
Bonus- This isn't really a factory tour but cool none the less. We went to the Moon Marble Co. and saw how they make marbles. Plus their gift shop is so cool!
Some more I am hoping to see in the future:
Mrs Cavanaughs -SLC, UT
Crayola - Easton, PA
Hallmark Visitors Center- Kansas City, MO
Tabasco- Avery Island, LA
AT&T Ball Park Tours- San Francisco, CA
Tillamook Cheese- Tillamook, OR
Mrs. Grossman's Stickers- Petaluma, CA  

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