Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekly Roundup


Since I started blogging again I have gotten more into blogging and the blogging community than I thought I would. I come across posts all the time that sometimes I just want to ditto or copy and paste. Here are a few of this last weeks favorites.
The Importance of Being Reese wrote a post To Leash Or Not To Leash. It's about leashing your child. Wether it's for you or not it is up to each parent. For me it's a yes.  Once my oldest son ran thru people's legs as we were funneling out of an auditorium at a college graduation. I never want to go thru those emotions again! I would rather a day of bad looks than loose my child for even a second.
Another blog I like is Back East Blonde. She wrote a blog post called Why Can't We Play With Guns? This one made me laugh because I wasn't allowed to play with guns growing up either. Not even water guns!
I know I haven't posted a lot about this yet, but I enjoy being active. The blog Mommy of Two had a guest post by Full-On Fit. The post is about getting fit as a family. Loved the idea's in it, considered it copied and pasted!
Thanks fellow bloggers for such great posts. Also thanks High-Heeled Love and My So Called Chaos for hosting this as well!


  1. Thanks for joining the Weekly Round-Up. I'm looking forward to reading your favorites this afternoon. Have a fabulous week!

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  2. Thanks for linking to my post! I'm so glad you liked it and I'm glad to learn that I wasn't alone in my deprived childhood. I actually think what my mom did was a good thing and I have a feeling I'll do something similar for my children too. Thank you again!

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