Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things I {don't} Love Thursday 4/18/13

I am linking up with Sweet Pea & Lulu again for more things I {don't} love.

1. I get so frustrated with bad links. Sometimes certain blogs will link to other blogs. For instance they may provide a list of Utah bloggers, yummy recipes, or DIY posts. I'll click the link and its a blog that hasn't posted in 2 years, doesn't exist any more or even weirder is private. Why link to your website if only invited people can view it? That's pointless and a waste of time if you ask me.
2. I don't love syrup on it's bottle. Does the oil bottle have oil on the outside of it, or the peanut butter have peanut butter around it's container or does the milk jug have milk dripping on it? Then why does my syrup ALWAYS have syrup on it? I have an OCD thing about being sticky. Meals that I eat with syrup I also eat with a wet rag; I can't stand being sticky! I clean the container constantly, and yet it is still sticky every time I reach for it.
3. I don't love when the micorwave doesn't get cleared. I go to see what time it is and sure enough it's blinking, PRESS START. Sometimes I go to use it and it won't let me type in my time because the person before me hasn't cleared their leftover time. Does anyone else not love this? Or just me?
Those are some of the things I am not loving this week. Have something you are not loving? Let me know, or write about it and link up with Sweet Pea & Lulu.


  1. I'm the same way with the ketchup & mustard bottles. Why oh WHY do they always have crusty, gross stuff on them? I'm constantly wiping them off too. Nothing's worse then going to use the ketchup & having chunk of dried, crusty ketchup from the lid fall off onto your food too. EW!

    And I clear the microwave display all the time too! I hate when there's something left on it because then I can't see the clock displayed. It annoys me to no end when I go in there & glance at the time only to see it still has like :23 seconds left on it just flashing away.

    Thanks for linking up again! :)

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  2. This isn't so much just for this week, as always, but I HATE when someone puts the toilet paper roll on backwards. It should go with the piece coming from the top and over...not under.

    If I'm at someone's house and it's wrong, I'll fix it. Why doesn't everyone do things the way I do them?

    FYI: I'm visiting from the blog till you drop blog hop. :-)

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  3. Yes, yes, and yes!! Thankfully, our microwave is doneso and we haven't had one in 7 months - but that was one thing that drove me nuts :/

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