Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mug O' Comfort Swap

Who doesn't like getting a gift a goodies in the mail? I know I love it, and that is why I did 2 swaps this month. This one I was paired with Tami who is another blogger also from Utah. I lucked out! Tami totally went the extra mile with my gift box.
As per my mother taught me you always start with the card. All I have to say is I need me some cute cards like these!
Of course my kids were curious as to what mom was getting in the mail when it wasn't even her birthday! Tami was so sweet to not even leave them out. She got chalk for my kids and bath toys for the baby. Plus Sense and Sensibility for me once the kids go to bed. I plan on drawing chalk all afternoon till they're so worn out all they want is a bath before bedtime. Then I can cuddle up and watch this classic chick flick.
I don't know where she found this Mexican hot chocolate, but I'm thrilled she did. The kind I use is not as quick to make as this instant hot chocolate is going to be. I'm very excited to break it open.
Tami sent me all kind of bonus goodies like nuts for Hawaii, chocolate pretzels, and marshmellow bits.
Not to mention this gorgeous and perfect mug! It says, "Keep Calm and Carry On."  Too perfect for my chaotic life. Thanks for all the gifts. You can learn more about Tami at stwarnercorner.blogspot.com.

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Want to participate in a swap of your own? Keep in mind you might not be paired with someone as fabulous as I was. Here are a few swaps coming up.

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  1. WOW! What a fantastic package! I'm envious! ;)
    Stephen's brand hot cocoa rocks...I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And that mug is absolutely adorable. Have fun with Pride & Prejudice!

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  2. YAY! I'm so happy you liked your package. I had a blast shopping for you! I'm working on my post right now! Thank you!!!

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  3. Oh and I found that hot chocolate at Wal Mart of all places!

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    1. Good. I just tried it and I won't want to go back to making it from scratch again! Thanks so much!!!

  4. What fun swaps :)!

    Love the mug, so lovely!

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  5. You are good! I don't know if I'd remember to do all the swaps! I do love getting mail though....

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  6. Oh I love it! Tammi did soooo good! :) Thanks for joining us!

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  7. I have been drinking my teas all morning! Thanks again!

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  8. wow you really did good

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  9. What a great package! The mug is beautiful!

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  10. O my goodness. Seriously, that is the cutest mug I have ever seen. And I don't usually say that about mugs :)

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