Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things I {don't} Love Thursday 5/2

I am joining up with Melissa again to bring you more things I {don't} love right now.

1- I don't love when someone picks up the baby from her swing/bouncer and forgets to turn it off. I'll walk by to see it still running or vibrating with no one in it. Sometimes my 2 year puts her baby in it and turns it on as well, what a waste of batteries.

2- I am not loving what I am assuming are hard water stains. Since we moved into our house about 6 months ago I have been trying to clean out this mess. I have tried, bleach, white vinegar, vinegar and baking soda, 2 different toilet bowl cleaners and Lime Away. As embarrassed as I am to show my toilet on here, how do I get rid of these stains? We have a water softener and use it now, plus the stains are slowing disappearing after each cleaning, but it still drives me crazy! I would love thoughts and will try almost anything!
3- I am not loving my current vacuum. It is 9 years old and does an ok job. I vacuum twice a day at least and it still doesn't do the best job. I need a new vacuum and I want a carpet cleaner. With 4 kids to clean up after, that can't big to bad to wish for, right?

What things aren't you loving this week?


  1. I hate it when people leave the light on after they leave a room... wasted energy and money!!!!

    And girl... let me ask the guy that cleans at our work. We had some bad water stains in the bathroom sink and they are gone!!!! I'll ask him what he used, it sparkles now!

    Oh the lovely vacuum cleaner! We bought a kirby almost 2 months ago... it's a love/hate relationship.

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  2. Finally the guy came to clean on Monday. At first he said CLR, but then he thought it might eat the enamal off your toilet, so he said an acid based toilet bowl cleaner. Where to find it? I'm not sure, he gets his from a local place. Hope your Friday is going well!

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    1. Thanks so much for looking into that. I'll look into that. I think I know where a janitorial supply store is, I'll see if they have something like that.

  3. Hi Jennifer Davis,
    I think your present vacuum is much older model. change your vacuum and collect more better performance base Vacuum Cleaner. Hope you get rid out of this problem. Thank you for sharing your thought.

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  4. Yep, change your vacuum...

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