Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week 1- Run, Run As Fast As You Can

If someone had asked me 2 Years ago to join them running I would have barfed in my mouth a little. Seriously, the thought of running for enjoyment would have literally killed me. Now I feel quite the opposite, I look forward to those moments of peace and quiet. I can't wait to leave my house, my kids and husband behind and just run.
It all started last March when my sister sent my cute niece to me. She gave me her big puppy dog eyes and asked if I would do the Color Me Rad 5K with her. How could I say no? I was working out 5-6 days a week, a little adjustment to keep my body guessing would be ok this once. Well I fell in love.

I ran my first race with my sister and my niece. We had a blast. This is a great fun starter race to get you motivated.
There are different reasons to run. The two most popular reasons I have discovered are to build endurance or to burn fat. Make sure you aren't doing the wrong kind of running for the right reasons.
Endurance Running
Endurance running is typically to build your endurance and have a distance goal in mind. If you are training for something like a race or just trying to push yourself. A beginner is usually trying to run a certain distance. A more experienced runner typically tries to increase their speed or endurance. Summer is one of the best times of year for running. There are so many types of runs available. I recommended here to just pick one and pay for it. Once it's paid for, who is going to let the money go to waist? Start training now. Even if it's only to get to a mile, that's ok. Don't compare yourself to marathon trainers. Even they had to start at a mile once. Our bodies are amazing and can do amazing things. They are meant to move, so why not try running.
Burning Calories
Moving, sweating, and running all help burn calories. If your only goal is to burn fat and calories I don't recommend running slow long distances. Although that will help, it's not the best and fastest way to utilize precious workout time. The key here is intensity not endurance. This is a little easier if you have access to a treadmill. That way you can adjust speeds, inclines and track timing.

 If you don't have a treadmill try using your playlist. Alternate songs with different styles and speeds. Pick a few key songs that when they play you push yourself hard, and when slower songs play match the tempo. It's ok to alternate walking with running.
Reduce Injury
An injury not only is hard on your body but can make getting back in the saddle that much harder. A lot of injuries happen from going too far or too fast too soon. Please listen to your body and know your limits. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Stretching and cooling down are very important and should never be overlooked. The increase in blood, nutrients and oxygen to your muscles can help decrease muscle soreness. Stretching not only increases your range of motion, but can lengthen your muscles and help create better posture. Pay attention to your body as you run. Do you clench your fists? Or raise your shoulders like me? Loosen up. I have to remind myself to loosen my shoulders, neck, and arms all the time. Please invest in proper shoes. Especially if you are going to be doing this often. Bad shoes, or shoes not meant for running can be "no bueno." Your shoes do more than support your feet. They support your feet, legs, knees, and even hips.
Running has so many benefits! Even if the only one is just to stop huffing and puffing when walking to and from the mail box. I suggest experimenting what works for you. Do you like running outside or with a treadmill? Do you like the camaraderie at the finish line of a race or just the peace and quiet on your own? Whatever your reason is, find it. The sooner you do the better off you will be.

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