Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things I {don't} Love Thursday

Here are some things I am not loving right now.
1- I hate my tile floor. I know most people consider it an upgrade, but I hate it. Everything that hits my floor shatters, even plastic. I didn't want any of my new dishes breaking so I bought plastic dishes. I even keep a tally on my fridge when something breaks. In 7 months I have already broken 18 things. Lids to the apple juice, plastic bowls, cups, salsa containers, jars, you name it. This weekend my first piece of my new fiesta dinnerware broke. I was so bummed. I left my plate and bowl on the table and my 2 year old went to push it out of the way, right onto my tile floor.

2- I hate when my husband goes out of town. Boo (You have to do thumbs down when you say this.) Yes he left me alone with the kids over Mother's Day weekend. I tried not to give him too hard a time, I knew how guilty he already felt. When he leaves my kids feel his presence gone and just act crazy. The hardest this time was errands like soccer games by myself. Carrying the diaper bag, camping chairs, the baby, and who knows what else, all while herding kids to and from the car. No Bueno.

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