Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Fun

My husband and I kept going back and forth on how big or small we wanted to celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year. In the end we decided to relax at home with just our family. I'm glad we didn't invite lots of people over because Steven's sister came to visit from Idaho. We had quite the fiesta. We celebrated with their family on Saturday night before they had to leave back home.
First I decided to cook some yummy authentic Mexican food. My husband and I laugh often about how well I cooked our first year of marriage. As a Mexican it was and is my comfort food. It was the main thing I cooked. Then when we went out to eat I often also chose Mexican food. For dinner I made yummy Mexican rice, which has to be eaten with corn.  As well a buffet of typical Mexican food leaving a plethora of choices. We had all the fixing to make either quesidilla's, burritos, taco's, taco salad, nachos or any other concoction in between you could think of. Not to mention enough homemade guacamole and salsa to last us all weekend long.

I got some fun free printouts from The 36th Avenue.  They added a nice extra element to the fiesta. The kids enjoyed the straws and they helped differentiate who's cup was who's. I purchased some of our favorite drinks for their family to try as well. My favorite being Sangria's, Steven's Tamarindo, and the my kids favorite is the Sidral Mundet.  Creating a mariachi station on Pandora made the environment perfect.
What's a Cindo de Mayo Fiesta with out a pinata? We got a huge angry birds pinata filled with some cheap goodies. This was the kids favorite part. We went to the local park and use our Louisville Slugger mini bat for some fun swinging. My 10 year old niece loved busting the thing open, and the kids scattering to get as many goods as they could.

Then we did our own family photo shoot. The kids loved dressing up and and having their own spotlight for a little bit.

After all the set up, fun, junk food, and clean up we were all ready for a little siesta. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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