Friday, May 10, 2013

Mommy Emotions

Lately I am not loving my roller coaster emotions and my kids growing up. My mommy emotions have been out of whack lately. Usually it takes a lot for me to get emotional enough to cry.
This week I was sorting through clothes Graciella has grown out of. When realizing I may never have a kid wear them again, I just started to bawl. Sitting on the floor surrounded by cute baby girl clothes I cried like a baby. I decided it wasn't worth the emotions, and I put them all in the keep box. Later on I will man up and sort them or be that crazy mom who keeps them all! Selling or donating any of them isn't worth the emotions for me right now.
In addition to that I had another sentimental moment.  I went to tuck in my 2 year old Adrianna and I just couldn't let her go. Usually I read her a book, sing her a song, we say prayers and I put her in her crib. She was just letting me hold her so I kept singing and singing while rocking her back and forth. This of course also left me in tears. My babies are getting too big, too fast.
My last mommy moment goes back a little. Keep in mind I try really hard to be involved in my kids interests as long as they'll let me. One day it won't be cool for mom to be their friend, so I try to take advantage of that.
One example is when my son started collecting Pokemon cards, he wanted to learn to play so bad. I asked my baby brother Daniel to teach me how to play Pokemon cards. Not exactly something on my bucket list, if you know what I mean. Kadan was so excited not only to learn how to play, but that I would play with him!

In April Kadan's class went to the zoo for a field trip. I had originally planned on taking the girls and meeting them up there to be a part of it. Then one of the girls got sick and I was so bummed I missed out. Then this week Yesenia's preschool class also went to the zoo. I planned on taking the other 2 girls and following along, until my baby got sick. I missed it again! I felt so bad and wanted to join her but couldn't. Luckily both times I had a friend send me pictures while they were there and that made me feel better.



 I told my husband that we are going to be going to the Zoo as a family soon just so I can feel better. I am sure these are normal emotions that I just need to get use to.

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