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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Instagram Insta-recap

Since I haven't re-caped in a few weeks here are my favorite Instagram recaps for the past 2 weeks.
Lately at church each week one of my children has some weird mis-match moment. You'll have to check out my actual Instagram to see my sons socks. This one was Yesenia, stripes, florals, and mint green leggings.
We celebrated the 4 year anniversary since my grandma's passing. Can't believe how much our family has grown since then. Can't have a Halloween or fall season with out thinking of her. She loved the kids costumes and all the colors changing!

 Last but not least, my husbands last minute provision. We hate when we get shopping carts or high chairs with broken straps. Luckily she was wearing overalls and dad found a way to strap her in anyway!
Come check out other's Instagrams recaps, or link up your own at Tawny's Tidbits.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marriage Goals

 Marriage & Relationship Goals
I love when I come across a fellow LDS blogger by random "accident." It's fun to stumble across people with similar beliefs and goals in mind. I just barely came across Life With Amberly & Joe. I am excited to be following along with her blog. She also has a series where you set monthly goals to help improve and strengthen your marriage. I loved this idea, so I decided to participate.
As I started to think about what can I (or we) work on I couldn't help but think of my "Letter to the Newlyweds" post. At the bottom of the letter is states how important couples reading is. We were doing really good over the summer and then when school started the chaos crept in. So my goal for the month is to have it every night. Whether it's before we start that movie together, or a quick thought together while we are in the bathroom together, I don't want to miss a day. I need every ounce of daily strength I can get to get through some days, this can only help!
Even though the first day of October is next week, that gives me a week to get things in order and start a better habit. Not to mention get my husband on board ;)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Instagram Insta-Recap

I decided to join my friend at Tawny Tid Bits on an Insta-Recap of last week.
 I decided to spend last weekend grinding my wheat into flour and canning in #10 tin cans. This was one mother hen who got lots of help!
It was also talk like a pirate day last week. I was too busy to reap the benefits of it, but my friend went and brought me back some yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They are the only kind of doughnut I actually like!
That was it for me. I had a full week of lots of errand running.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things I {don't} Love Thursday 5/2

I am joining up with Melissa again to bring you more things I {don't} love right now.

1- I don't love when someone picks up the baby from her swing/bouncer and forgets to turn it off. I'll walk by to see it still running or vibrating with no one in it. Sometimes my 2 year puts her baby in it and turns it on as well, what a waste of batteries.

2- I am not loving what I am assuming are hard water stains. Since we moved into our house about 6 months ago I have been trying to clean out this mess. I have tried, bleach, white vinegar, vinegar and baking soda, 2 different toilet bowl cleaners and Lime Away. As embarrassed as I am to show my toilet on here, how do I get rid of these stains? We have a water softener and use it now, plus the stains are slowing disappearing after each cleaning, but it still drives me crazy! I would love thoughts and will try almost anything!
3- I am not loving my current vacuum. It is 9 years old and does an ok job. I vacuum twice a day at least and it still doesn't do the best job. I need a new vacuum and I want a carpet cleaner. With 4 kids to clean up after, that can't big to bad to wish for, right?

What things aren't you loving this week?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wacky Wednesday 4/24

It's Wednesday again, half way thru this week. What crazy things do you have to share to remind us of the fun things in life? Write a blog post about it and link it up here.

This week my son decided to play his soccer game with a diaper for a hat! No seriously, the whole game he ran around like this. He even almost scored once too!

This one happened while I was out and daddy was in charge. My 2 year old decided to put on some of mommy's mascara. Doesn't she look pretty? When my husband sent me this picture I thought it was a sharpie, glad it was only mascara.

This picture is how I like to exercise. Adrianna climbs up on my leg as I go up and down. I know I'm not the only one that does this with their kids. Although I'm probably one of the few that says, "My left leg is a 1/2 inch smaller than my right, so use this one."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Favorite Blog Posts Round Up

I am linking up with High Heeled Love and My So Called Chaos again for The Weekly Round Up. Here are a few of my favorite recent posts:
Where have these been my whole life? Fancy Slips review at Trying to Stay Calm. I have gotten rid of so many skirts and dresses cause they just ended up being slightly too short, when I sat, or maybe after a wash. These are the perfect solution!
I came across this video from this blog post and it cracks me and my family up so much. View it at Random thoughts from the zoo.
I haven't tried this yet, but Six Sisters' Stuff posted a recipe called Lunch Lady Brownies. Can't wait to make them!
Rain on a Tin Roof posted this article for bloggers. My favorite being #6 about turning of word verifications. I hate those things!
Here is a fun craft I am excited to try today for Earth Day at Gift of Curiosity.
Just some of my favorite posts from the past week. Thanks fellow bloggers for posting such good stuff, I just had to share!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The What Women Wants Show Review

Today we went to the What Women Wants Show.  Let's see me, plus 3 girls under the age of 4, crowded isles, lots of free sugar and things to touch; am I ready for this?  Yes, yes I am. I am the queen of chaos, aren't I?
On our way into the South Towne Expo Center Yesenia shouts, "Take my picture with the lipsticks."  She thought the cement columns were lipsticks. I did tell her it was a girl party.
Then she said, "Look I'm Ariel." Little did she know she was about to meet Ariel.
Part of Your World Princess Parties had a booth there where we got a free picture with Ariel. The girls dressed up, met Ariel and got her signature. Yesenia loved that Ariel pointed out the princess's on her shirt as all her best friends.
They got free face painting, beach balls, mirrors and lots of junk food. Lowe's was even hosting a free craft for kids with lots of how to idea's thru out the day.  That was one of the highlights of the show if you are bringing kids. Stop by for a free apron, goggles and a craft.
All part of the Lowe's build and grow I have mentioned in my blog here.
These kind of shows always have lots of everything at them. Over the years I have watched different fads come and go. I remember scrapbook pages being big, the interchangeable watches, baby flower clips, jewelry, and so on. This year it is the modern boutique clothes. The peach, mint green, coral and gray colors. With bubble necklaces, layered tops and chevron prints. LOTS of maxi skirts, colored skinny jeans, and modern tops. If you have been wanting a wardrobe update and want a large selection to look at that than make sure you go.
I went knowing I wanted 3 specific things. I had a budget and surprisingly I stuck to it. I saved my spending money for the past 2 weeks just for today.
The first thing I wanted was blush. Not just any blush, blush from NS Minerals. I am sure you all know (or maybe are) one of those women that can't leave the house with out full make-up, hair and outfit done. I am not that girl, at all! I rarely have time to do make up and in the past wasn't very good at it. So when my brother married a sweet girl who not only sold make up, but understood it I went asking for help. Sad I know, I'm how old just learning to wear make-up. I figure with 3 girls it's about time. I just don't want to go too cheap, but I also don't want to break the bank either. I don't go thru makeup very fast because of how little I wear it. I like a light make up with a natural look. NS Minerals was a winner for me instantly! I love how light it feels and it's really quick to apply as well. With all their cdifferent pigments to choose from I can go simple or dress it up for a night out. I asked my sister in law if they were going to be at the show a head of time and set aside my money just for this! Go to their booth and they can help you find the right color just for you!

The next thing I wanted was earrings. Cheap ones that go with the the colors that are in right now.  I also wanted bright colored one's to stand out since I have such dark hair. Yesenia helped me pick out these cute yellow and pink one's. I wanted blue but she really liked the pink, so I got them. Plus they were on sale for only $3 a pair thru Plunder Design. Which do you like better?
I was surprised when I didn't find the third thing I came for. I wanted a new cute headband for Graciellla, my 5 month old. I want cute pastel flowers with a cute rhinestone or something. Know a good place, that's not over priced, let me know.

Then I had $10 splurge money. I spent $5 of it on earrings for my girls, a cheap wand and pink crown. When I buy earrings for the girls I try to buy at least 2 pairs of the same earring. That way when one disappears, I have a pair for back up replacements. Just a tip for those of you that have little ones with pierced ears. It doesn't take much to loose an earring. Especially when dad's pull of their onesies with little regard or at least that is how most of mine have been lost.

One booth that I really liked and am going to place an order with is a new company called Tuckeez. They are iron on things that help keep kids tucked in, or from straps needing to be adjusted. I am very intrigued by it and think I will buy a pair and give it a try!
I also saw my friend from Price Match with Rachel as well. If you didn't win tickets from me check out her site for free tickets, then stop by her booth for some good deals or for those glitties toes.
Stop by the Scheel's booth for free ferris wheel tokens and a schedule of their kids klub free events.
Lots of giveaways, freebies, and fun. Stob by today till 8 PM or tomorrow the 13th from 10-6 at The South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, UT.

**I received complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received.**