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Monday, August 25, 2014

Year of Firsts- Vaseline Head

I was having a rough "mom" day recently when I decided I needed a nap so I could wake up refreshed and a happier mommy. Although while I was resting this little girl decided she needed to bathe in the Vaseline. I mean the entire Costco size tub all over her! Her Legs were coated (and drawn on), her entire dress was coated as if made of Vaseline, her arms, neck, face and last but not least her entire head of hair. Now I have had kids get some Vaseline in their hair before but not like this. Not an entire mask of it. So I called my hair dresser mom friend, asked Facebook for advice and googled it. Here is what I found based on top ideas and suggestions.
This was OK, but not the best. Baby oil helped but wasn't thorough enough for my liking.

This (and Peanut Butter) is what I have used for gum in the hair issues. It also helped some, but wasn't a winner of all what I tried.

Corn starch was my #1 favorite. I went through a whole box. I sprinkled it throughout her hair let it soak some up then squeezed tons out. I did that 2-3 times. Then washed it with dish soap. Dish soap is meant to help cut and fight grease. I did that twice before washing it.
My hairstylist mom friend recommended a clarifying shampoo as well. This also helped out when I was washing in between all the different household products I found.
In the end I must have washed her hair a dozen times, because she laid there for almost an hour. Even then her hair was still pretty greasy over the next 2-3 days till after a few mores wear and washed it finally came clean.
Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts

Monday, July 7, 2014

You Want to What?

I have decided to officially announce a big change in our family's life....
No, I am not expecting! Really was that the first thing that popped into your head? We'll have to talk about that later ;)
Many of you know I have always loved the performing arts. I actually love to be the one performing the arts. That's right I love to act! My husband asked me once what I always wanted to do growing up. Not what I told people I wanted to do, but deep down inside what I really wanted to do growing up. I had to think about it. Really as silly and naive as it sounds I always wanted to be an actress. The logical side of my brain always said that wasn't possible in real life so I had to pick something else.
Over the years through different jobs, going to school and kids in the back of my mind I have still always wanted to act. Every time I get the urge or desire I have prayed about it and always felt the time wasn't right. Earlier this year I got that feeling again and decided to ignore it. After 2 weeks of it almost consuming me I decided to pray and talk to my husband about it. This time I actually got a different personal confirmation, that it was finally time!

Although when I finally decided to move forward I actually lost my voice that week, weird huh? So my sweet husband called a few family friends for me to get some info on acting in the state of Utah. After some research and time I can honestly say I am know an actress. It's weird to say it sometimes, but I am getting use to it. Although as I tell people this there are the 2 main questions I get:
1- Is there anything to even do here in Utah?
Um yes, there is, tons actually. No they aren't always feature films or tv shows, and there is even more than just LDS films as well. Sometimes they are shorts, or documentaries, sometimes even student films or youtube shows. Overall there is always lots of things going on.
2- Is there any money in that?
The answer is for the most part, yes. Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't depending on the job. Although the more I get asked this the more I think, "Isn't it rude to ask someone what they make?" When you tell me you got a new job, I don't ask you what you make? Why is it that because you chose to be an actor that it's ok for everyone to know what you make? I know people are curious to how it works, so I will say it differs greatly. It all depends on the budget for the film.
I do get asked what I have done. I think 16 Stones was a favorite so far. I also did my first voice over job last week for a short on the Batman shooting in Colorado, looking forward to that.
On Set of 16 Stones

The fun part is since I started doing some stuff here or there my son has started to show an interest. I am a little picky about what he submits or auditions for but so far he has had a lot of fun. Here is the link to a promo he did. FYI if you don't want to see anything scandalous or bloody start it 1:24 and you still won't miss him.

So as part of our year of firsts we can say we acted for the first time this year. What have you done for the first time this year? Write up a blog post, add my Year of First button, and add the link here. I will check posted posts to make sure you have my button and that what is posted is legit and a first!
Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tumm-E Yummies ColorVibe Run and Fun

So for part of my year of firsts we did a color run as a family. We had so much fun running in Cache Valleys Color Vibe 5K sponsored by Tumm-E Yummies! I was surprised at how well the kids did. Every time they got a little tired they would see the color throwing part up ahead and get a little boost to keep running.

I was so glad I gave them the white bandannas, cause it helped the color to not get in their mouths. Plus the sunglasses they got in their race packets helped as well. Although the glasses were a little big, so if your kids has a small head maybe bring your own?
They loved to hang out in the crowd while the DJ played music afterwards. They had so much fun doing the color throw and dancing around, hitting the bouncing beach ball and having a place where they could act like a bunch of crazy kids!

I can't wait till next year, and either can they. They loved it! I also loved the seat covers that Tumm-E Yummies sent me, they were so helpful for the ride home.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Year of Firsts- Family Game Night

The other day I was watching a show and it hit me, I had never played Hungry Hippos with my kids! With my daughters birthday coming up I thought what a perfect gift for her. Then just a few hours after that thought a friend was cleaning out her house and had some things she was getting rid of. I decided to peek and see if there was anything we needed and there it was- Hungry Hippos. Free game of Hungry Hippos? Yes please! Not only was there that, there was one other classic game my kids have never played... Twister. I was so excited I couldn't even wait till my daughters birthday.  Well we played Hungry Hippos all day, and for Friday night, family night we played Twister.

The kids loved both the game and being the spinner. It was a fun way to reinforce left and right with our 5 year old. Especially when you get all twisted up like that. In the end it was a winner for my family. Now if I could just get them to fold it up and not have it out all the time.

What game from your childhood have your kids never played? Try browsing the game section and find something new. New games are a great way to add to your year of firsts. Maybe invite some friends over to enjoy a game night too. Tell them you'll have the food and they can bring something new to play. We love learning new games.

Queen of Chaos

Monday, January 20, 2014

Year of Firsts- Ice Castle

This is my first posting regarding the new series #YearOfFirsts. I was so excited to do my year of firsts, why not start it with a bang? I have always wanted to go to one of those Ice Castles, sure enough this year in Midway, Utah there is one.

Right now my girls love the movie Frozen. We went and saw it on Christmas Eve, and the girls got the sister dolls for Christmas. I decided to tell them we were going to see Queen Elsa's castle. They were so excited. My 2 year old was a little bummed when Elsa and Anna weren't actually there.

I had planned to go during the weekend, but hadn't had a chance to tell my husband. I was pretty surprised when he came home with tickets to the ice castle, almost like he had read my mind.

One of the tricks to taking kids out to something like this is to be prepared and plan ahead. This is an event outside, best seen at night, up the canyon, and made of ice. It's going to be cold. We made sure to dress our kids in two layers. Long sleeved shirt and short sleeved shirts, as well as tights or pajamas under regular pants. Then I set out a sweatshirt and coat for everyone. When getting together gloves, hats, etc. I like to line them up oldest to youngest. Hats first, then gloves and possibly scarves. Then I put the gloves and things inside their hats. All that goes in a bag (usually with 1 extra pair of mittens and hat) in a grocery bag tied off. That way no one gets into it till it's handed out. Then when we arrive at our destination I hand them out to get suited up. I didn't do snow pants this time around and the kids were fine. However if they are going to be sitting on the ground or on things for pictures a lot I would do snow pants. That way their bums don't get wet.

The next important thing is timing, and we timed it just right. We arrived around 4:30, which was perfect. When you arrive , there are 2 lines. One for those who already have tickets and those who don't. GET YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! The line to purchase when we arrived was approximately a 20 minute wait, when we left around 6:30 it was easily an hour long line. That is not a good way to start out the evening if you have kids especially if you're out in the cold.  4:30 was perfect not only because less people when we arrived but we got the best of both worlds. We got great pictures in the light, and the kids could see better, but then we watched the sun set on the ice. Once the sun goes down you can see all the cool lights behind the ice, making them glow and look very magical. They will stamp your hand for reentrance if you decide to leave and come back.

If you are claustrophobic like I tend to get, I would avoid some of the walkways. There were a few times where I had to calm down and not panic. There are some areas you can walk though that have several ways to walk around, with no clear one direction path. Which is fine, it just means little traffic jams. No better place then in an ice castle to get stuck and enjoy the beauty and patterns all around. If you are claustrophobic then you can potentially panic. It's not enclosed all around, but sometimes lots of people and being stuck not able to go forward or backwards can cause a little worry. I was worried my kids would start to complain at these moments, but they did really well. We would point out cool things like what would happen when the ice from above would drip on other ice. Or how do you think Queen Elsa made that part? What did she sing when she made those stalactites?

Overall we loved it. I almost want to go back with just my husband for a fun date night. I didn't realize they had an outdoor ice rink right next to it. I'm thinking hot cocoa, cuddling to stay warm, holding hands ice skating, and walking through the beautiful ice structure, how fun would that be?

We got awesome pictures, and had a blast starting off our year of firsts. Although this was our first time at an ice structure like this, it's for sure to be a tradition from this point forward.

It's only open till February 28th, so go see it while you still can. 

Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts

Have something you did to start off your year of firsts? Then add my button to your blog post and link it up below. I will check, however, if your post does not have my button I hate to be a meanie but I will delete it. I've already had a few people tell me how excited they are to get idea's from others so please join in on the fun and share your firsts. Want some idea's? Check out my Year of Firsts Page for more idea's. Who knows, maybe I'll even add yours on there, for others to try.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Year of Firsts 2014

After talking to my sister in law recently she inspired me to come up with this grand idea.  Our year of firsts. That's right a whole year of firsts. I'm going to plan ahead and schedule a whole year of doing things we have never done before. Whether top dollar adventures like sky diving or visiting somewhere new, or something free like a food fight or building a snowman. I have decided each month I am going to come up with 4 things to do as an individual, as a couple or as a family that are new. Then each week we will experience a first.

Think about it. What haven't you done that you have always wanted to? What food have you never tried that intrigues you? What mystery do you want to explore? Maybe you have been there or done that, but your spouse hasn't. Or as a couple you have been somewhere but never taken your kids.
Make a plan. Make a budget. Try something new daily, weekly or monthly and let me know.

 Every 1st and 3rd Monday I will update as to what we have done new and I will leave a place for you to link up your firsts. Write a blog post about your first, add my button, and link up. Get idea's from other people's new things. Leave comments about what you want to try or have tried. It will  be so fun to learn what other's are doing for the first time.

I have decided to list of possible firsts below. I've also tried to make the list a mixture from free to expensive things to try. Feel free to let me know more idea's you may have. If you add my button to a post about your idea maybe I'll even link to it directly.
Try a new food
Backwards Dinner (Dessert, Dinner, Appetizer)
Bowling or glow in the dark bowling
Cooking Class
Food Fight
Read a different type of book i.e. sci-fi, romance, a memoir, etc.
Take an art class
So see a show, play or dance performance
miniature golf
Go karts
Snowball fight, build a snowman or igloo
Sledding or tubing
Sleep on the tramp, or in a tent in your yard
Try a new candy
Try a new drink
Play with modeling clay
Go to an art museum
Pay extra to feed an animal at the zoo (i.e. penguins, birds, dolphins, etc.)
Go to an aquarium or an atrium
Learn a new card game
Make up your own game
Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts