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Monday, January 25, 2016

Out With The Old In With The New

I said I would never apologize if I haven't posted in a while but alas here I am apologizing for the lack of posting over the last few months.  With today being my 3 year anniversary of the Queen of Chaos Blog I thought it was time to blog again. 

This last year has been one of the most trying and hardest years to date for me. It has been full of all kinds of hardships endured by both me, my family and loved ones. I could list them but there is no need. We all go through trials, we all have trying times. I am a big believer in not comparing ones trials to another's. What is trying to me may not seem a big deal to someone else and vice versa. I do believe that we should just support others in all things no matter how big or small they may seem to us. If we love someone than we should feel empathy for them and their struggles not judgment. This is not meant to be a whoa is me and my life post. Just a we all need love and support post. Like many of you reading this we can all say we have survived 100% of our hardest and most trying days. We are  still standing.  Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and helping hand. 

As I start a new year I look forward to new goals, new trials and new hope. I know this year will still have bumps in the road but that is what makes us stronger. That's all I can do is look at this last year and think how can I be a better me? How can I be stronger? How can I learn from this lessons placed in my way? When going through a particular tough time a friend sent me this link to blog post called "Finding Strength During Trails" by Al Fox Carraway. I almost just want to copy and post and dido her entire blog post. I loved it. I have read it more than once. 

Here is a few gems from it if you don't want to read the whole thing:

"I’ve been MIA on social lately, and it’s because this trial given to me has been so difficult and unfortunately it's been kickin' my butt and I don’t see it ending  quite  yet. It’s the kind of trial that lasts longer than you think it should have. I’d like to say I’m as strong as I was when it first presented itself, but I’m not. It’s the type of trial where your strength is warn very thin and you feel like you’ve been positive about it for too long that you can’t help but let tears stream at random parts of your day doing menial daily tasks and question what else you could be doing that you’re not already to make it go away....

..... it’s through my honest   yelling   and crying to God of what I’m   really   thinking is when I make progress with Him, my situation, and well, mostly myself.     It’s where I accept and   feel   that I won’t drown even if it won’t go away quite yet. Where I accept that sometimes all the answers wont be there, but comfort and strength always will, because He always will.

My key to finding strength   during   the thick of hard times:
First:   Honest   prayer.
Second:   So be it....

...So next time we find ourselves on our floor yelling at God pleading for things to be over and things to be different, I hope that we can take just a quick break from how we think our lives should go and with hope say “so be it.” Because our trials and our change of course will never alter the unchanging truth that God is leading us to the  best  blessings.    Why stop when we can keep going?" 

Basically we all go through tough times. Asking over and over and over and over "Why? Why? Why?" Isn't always going to help. Sometimes we just won't know the why. Which can be a big pill to swallow. Here is just one more thing I found helpful this past year. It was a talk given by Elder David Bednar from my church. In it he told a story that was made into a little video. 

"...Each of us also carries a load. Our individual load is comprised of demands and opportunities, obligations and privileges, afflictions and blessings, and options and constraints.... Sometimes we mistakenly may believe that happiness is the absence of a load. But bearing a load is a necessary and essential part of the plan of happiness.  "

With that I wish all my readers hope. Hope to a new year of lessons learned.  A new year of journeys. A new year to be adventure's. Whatever that means for you. Being adventurous doesn't mean backpacking in unmarked terrain. It could be trying something new. It could be sticking with something you wanted to give up on. Sticking with someone after they have hurt you. Standing strong in adversary. Standing up for what you believe in. Being adventurous means different things to everyone. So from my chaotic life to yours I say that again. May you be adventurous this new year.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Year of Firsts 2014

After talking to my sister in law recently she inspired me to come up with this grand idea.  Our year of firsts. That's right a whole year of firsts. I'm going to plan ahead and schedule a whole year of doing things we have never done before. Whether top dollar adventures like sky diving or visiting somewhere new, or something free like a food fight or building a snowman. I have decided each month I am going to come up with 4 things to do as an individual, as a couple or as a family that are new. Then each week we will experience a first.

Think about it. What haven't you done that you have always wanted to? What food have you never tried that intrigues you? What mystery do you want to explore? Maybe you have been there or done that, but your spouse hasn't. Or as a couple you have been somewhere but never taken your kids.
Make a plan. Make a budget. Try something new daily, weekly or monthly and let me know.

 Every 1st and 3rd Monday I will update as to what we have done new and I will leave a place for you to link up your firsts. Write a blog post about your first, add my button, and link up. Get idea's from other people's new things. Leave comments about what you want to try or have tried. It will  be so fun to learn what other's are doing for the first time.

I have decided to list of possible firsts below. I've also tried to make the list a mixture from free to expensive things to try. Feel free to let me know more idea's you may have. If you add my button to a post about your idea maybe I'll even link to it directly.
Try a new food
Backwards Dinner (Dessert, Dinner, Appetizer)
Bowling or glow in the dark bowling
Cooking Class
Food Fight
Read a different type of book i.e. sci-fi, romance, a memoir, etc.
Take an art class
So see a show, play or dance performance
miniature golf
Go karts
Snowball fight, build a snowman or igloo
Sledding or tubing
Sleep on the tramp, or in a tent in your yard
Try a new candy
Try a new drink
Play with modeling clay
Go to an art museum
Pay extra to feed an animal at the zoo (i.e. penguins, birds, dolphins, etc.)
Go to an aquarium or an atrium
Learn a new card game
Make up your own game
Queen of Chaos Year of Firsts