Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I {Don't} Love Thursday 6/27

One of my favorite blogs is Lulu & Sweet Pea. One of my favorite things is her link up on Things I {Don't} Love Thursday. I try to stay optimistic and positive through most situations, but to vent a bit every now and then is ok. It can even be helpful and therapeutic. Here is my list of things I am currently not loving.
1. Lately I have been hating my son's allergies. His eyes get all puffy and red, poor baby. It is very windy in Eagle Mountain, and the pollen count has been very high. I use an allergy medicine and lavender around his eyes. I would love any and all suggestions to help him with this.
2. I hate that the 1st month of summer has almost come and gone! I love summer so much, I hate to see it pass. We crammed our summer full of adventures and it is making it fly by too fast.
3. I am not loving this weird back flow water pressure blah blah blah. I have never in my life even seen them until we moved to Eagle Mountain. They aren't meant to go below 20 degrees. Hello, I live in Utah it gets below zero every winter. Apparently if you don't take major precautions they break yearly. Since we didn't know this, or anything about it, when we moved in last fall ours is broken. We have been too busy to fix it. I keep ignoring it, hoping it will just go away.


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  2. My allergies are horrible too - the pollen and wind together are not very forgiving :(

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