Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 4- Summer Hair Tips

Have you ever made a big hair change right before family pictures or a trip? I have, worst idea ever! If you know you are going out of town, make sure to only make small changes to your hair or do it a few weeks in advance. Once I cut my hair shorter than I ever have had in the past, and then left the next day for a trip to southern California. I kept having to stop at the store for hair clips, or hair product because I didn't give myself enough to get use to how to style it. How to keep it out of my eyes when surfing, or how long it took to do it before going out to dinner. I remember being so frustrated! Make sure to give yourself enough time to get use to how to do it.
Do your research ahead of time. The days of picking out of the lobby books for a new style are out. Look online and print it out or use your phone. That way you take your time to get just what you want and what is right for your hair. Just keep in mind your own hair type. I once had a hair stylist tell me that the hardest thing is when someone comes in wanting something that they don't have the hair for. For instance I have TONS of hair, so I can't pick out a style with light hair, or vice versa.

Make sure if you go swimming to rinse chlorine out of your hair as soon as possible. I even use a clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a week depending on how often we have gone swimming.
If you color your hair be careful of fading from the sun. Try a leave in conditioner with protection from UV rays.

I also air dry my hair a lot, especially in the summer.  To help fight frizz use a anti-frizz serum.
If you can't tell Redken is one of my favorite products, I use it a lot and often. With all my hair I can't use just any product on my hair, I need something to help with my hair in any situation.  Be careful with the heat, sun and styling product to not let your hair get dried out during the summer.
Try making a homemade hair mask with any of the following. Mix, match, and smash then apply to hair. After it sits for about 15  minutes rinse it really well. Then follow up with a regular wash.

Banana- The potassium in the banana helps soften and repair your hair cuticles. Just make sure to rinse this really well.

Avocado-  Avocado is a great deep conditioner and helps make your hair silky and smooth by locking in moisture.

Olive Oil- The antibacterial function in olive oil can help with dandruff and build up.  It's suppose to help with hair loss too.

Mayonnaise-  The eggs, vinegar and lemon juice in the mayo help both individually and combined. Mayonnaise is a great deep conditioner and helps seal split ends

Eggs- The protein in the eggs are healthy for your hair and help add lots of shine.
Enjoy making your own inexpensive hair mask with any of these ingredients.

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