Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 3- What to Pack


Going on a trip and planning what to pack can prove tougher than anticipated.
With the more strict flying regulations you don't want too much stuff. At the same time you want enough of what you need. When my family did our hotel hopping I had to have just the right amount of clothes vs washing amounts. Here are some idea's for the right balance of what to pack.
Start out by picking all the same tones or colors. For instance bring only brown colors and tones. That way you only need brown shoes and a brown belt. If you want to wear black shoes than pick only outfits that go with those shoes. This way you only need one pair of shoes and limited jewelry, it should all go together. 
Think basics. The only skirt I took moving around was a plain simple black skirt. That way I could mix and match my tops.


 The idea is to plan ahead. Where are you going and what are you doing? Budget some new outfits into your vacation budget. That way you can bring what you will feel confident in, look good in and is easier to take along. Especially if you have planned a vacation for a long time, don't throw together random things to wear. I hate those morning wear I struggle to find something that fits, matches or looks presentable. Don't put yourself through that when you should be enjoying your getaway.
If you missed our fashion guest post for the week read it here for more awesome tips.

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