Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 3- Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

After 2 hard weeks of exercise and eating healthy it's time for some more fun posts. Don't stop what habits you are forming, because you are getting closer to the shopping part. The more you get healthy the faster you will need new clothes. Plus when on vacation who wants the same mom frumpy day to day clothes. I know I don't!
Think ahead of time when it comes to clothes. Where am I going? What will I be doing? There are some things I still need for Hawaii. For me this trip is half business, half pleasure. Clothes wise I need 2 outfits for when my husband  and I will be in a work banquet setting. Then I need to calculate how many days am I doing the tourist thing, and how many am I chilling on the beach?
Then I need 2 different kind of swimsuits. My husband and I have wanted to surf in Hawaii together since we first met. I need something that I am not adjusting or worried I will fall out in. I just want to be able to paddle out and do my thing with out worrying about how I look, or if I accidentally am showing off more than my talent. Then I need a cute swimsuit for laying around with my husband on the beach. I want to feel comfortable and confident.

This week I will share several reviews with some of my favorite places to meet these exact goals!

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