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Monday, July 15, 2013

Surf's Up

My husband couldn't wait to get his surf on when we were in Hawaii. We have wanted to go to Hawaii and go surfing since we were engaged over 9 years ago. Not to mention he has made me watch North Shore more times than I want to admit. At first we had just planned on surfing in Kauai. Since we had some "free time" while on Oahu one morning we couldn't pass up the chance to surf the North Shore!

We went to Haleiwa to rent some boards. It was a little overcast with random rain bursts (typical for Hawaii) but nice for surfing. My husband says any day for surfing is a nice day. I was worried the waves would be too big, but they were quite the opposite. We were where there was lots of reef breaks, and small crests.

My favorite part was the turtles. I just laid on my board and paddled around while watching turtles pop up around me. It was so cool!
Then we went surfing again while in Kauai. rented some boards and went to Poipu beach. These waves were WAY more powerful. Lots of reef, so you have to be careful where you go out and drift too. The waves were stronger than anything I have ever felt before. Sometimes with the water just past my ankles it would knock me on my butt! My husband obviously got a lot more surfing in than me ;) I would go out for a bit, then slowly catch some waves in. Then after catching my breath for a bit try to go out with him again.
My husband has sacrificed so much for me and my family, including his passion for surfing. He always does what his family wants to do with no complaints. It was so nice to sit on the beach and just watch him in his element. It was like riding a bike for him. I wish we would have had more time for him to surf. Next time we want to just rent a bungalow and spend all our time on the beach.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 3- Swimsuit Season

I can't wait to spend my Hawaii vacation on the beach. In order to do that I need a good and cute suit. Between surfing in Hawaii and just regular swim days with the kids, I need something I am not having to adjust as well. Whether I'm paddling for the perfect wave or have kids pulling on me at the pool I don't want to worry about exposing myself.
I knew exactly where I needed to go for a swimsuit, Hapari. Hapari was started by some women who lived in the same neighborhood as my mom. They wanted swimsuits that were, "Both flattering and stylish." They have not only cute, but good quality suits. I knew Hapari would have something I would feel confident wearing, and not unashamed to share pictures of.
I tried on one of their new drawstring tankini's. They are so versatile, it's like 2 suits in one. I really liked them and almost went with a fun black and white one. They said they are selling like crazy, so get them while they still have your size.
I ended up getting this swimsuit. They have all different styles and fabrics, but this one was perfect for what I wanted. I almost thought I was going to have to buy 2 suits, but this is cute and practical all at once. I felt comfortable and confident. Then they have all different mix and match bottoms. I chose the hot shorts just so I didn't have to worry about adjusting.
My sweet friend who has worked there since they opened was there. She, as well as the other staff, were so helpful. She came to my rescue in more ways than one ;) Not only did she help with a fussy baby, but helped getting the right fit and making suggestions for my goals.  It was nice to have knowledgeable people help find the right size, and have awesome customer service. An unfortunate rarity today. If you are looking for the right suit for summer, like their Facebook page. They have specials and deals posted on there all the time. Spend the money to get a stylish good quality suit! It is so worth it.
After my shopping experience I went to show my husband at his office. The office assistant loved it so much she had to go check it out herself. She went and got a new suit the same day, she loved them so much! The last time I went surfing was years ago. I am looking forward to breaking in my new swimsuit. I think we are going to try out one of those indoor surfing places. Pictures of my suit and surfing experience soon to come.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 3- Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

After 2 hard weeks of exercise and eating healthy it's time for some more fun posts. Don't stop what habits you are forming, because you are getting closer to the shopping part. The more you get healthy the faster you will need new clothes. Plus when on vacation who wants the same mom frumpy day to day clothes. I know I don't!
Think ahead of time when it comes to clothes. Where am I going? What will I be doing? There are some things I still need for Hawaii. For me this trip is half business, half pleasure. Clothes wise I need 2 outfits for when my husband  and I will be in a work banquet setting. Then I need to calculate how many days am I doing the tourist thing, and how many am I chilling on the beach?
Then I need 2 different kind of swimsuits. My husband and I have wanted to surf in Hawaii together since we first met. I need something that I am not adjusting or worried I will fall out in. I just want to be able to paddle out and do my thing with out worrying about how I look, or if I accidentally am showing off more than my talent. Then I need a cute swimsuit for laying around with my husband on the beach. I want to feel comfortable and confident.

This week I will share several reviews with some of my favorite places to meet these exact goals!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vacation Anticipation 4 Week Blog Series

Have a special trip or vacation coming up? Make sure to plan ahead for yourself. I know that when we go on trips we make sure to have a bed, food and fun planned. We take care of who has the kids, travel and the essentials. I want to make sure you are ready so that you can enjoy YOURSELF and make the most of your special vacation.
I am finally getting to go to Hawaii this summer. I have planned a four week series for you to follow along while I get ready. Four weeks of making sure you not only make the most of any trip, but that your comfortable and happy. Who wants to spend lots of money on a trip and then be self conscious because we don't have anything cute to wear? Or what if we don't make the most of our beach time because we are uncomfortable from not planning ahead. Follow along the following weeks so that you will be fully prepared for your vacation or just for summer in general. Even if you don't have anything huge planned and just want to get ready for summer itself.
Week 1 is May 20-25th. This week's focus will be working out and exercising.
Week 2 is May 27- June 1st. We will focus on healthy eating, and foods to help burn fat and increase muscle.
Week 3 is June 3rd- June 8th. We will be focusing on the clothes and swimwear.
Week 4 is June 10th- June 15th. This week is the little things we sometimes forget. Like waxing, pedicures and things like that.
Come back Monday, May 20th and follow along, I have lots of idea's, tips, guest bloggers and giveaways!