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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vacation Anticipation Wrap Up

These past 4 weeks have pushed me further than I ever have been pushed blogging or writing. I have written at least 6 articles a week on multiple topics. I was surprised at how many topics I enjoyed writing about and will continue to write about, like exercising and food.
Also it's my favorite time of year. I love summer time and summer vacations! I never can fit in everything I want to do in those quick 3 months. I'm glad I did this 4 weeks vacation prep series, because I am that much more ready. Ready to relax on the beach, go swimming and look so hot this summer!
I just want to do a recap of some of my favorite articles.
Week 1- I love the article about working out from home.
               I also loved the guest post from Discover Your Happy.
Week 2- The guest post from Christy Stevenson was amazing! There is a lot of great information and golden nuggets in there.
Week 3- My favorite thing about the guest post from Bootz was about maxi skirts. I love maxi skirts!
Week 4- I can't pick a favorite between Get Waxed and NS Minerals. I love what they both have to offer. Plus they both have a great giveaways going on for a few more days.
Hopefully you got some good tips to help you feel more ready and confident for a fun vacation, or summer in general.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 4- Pedicures and Homemade Foot Scrub

Summer/Vacation time = Flip Flop Time
Now that flip flop season is upon us, pedicures are also upon us. Time to clean up those dry and rough feet and make them smooth and stand out. If you can't afford a trip to get a professional pedicure, that shouldn't stop you from a little pampering.
Do It Yourself Pedicure
First soak your feet in some nice warm water. Try adding a few drop of lavender or a foot soak.
I usually soak my feet until the water starts to get a little cold.
Try this foot scrub if you don't have one. Mix 3 T of baking soda, 1 T water, and 1 T of brown sugar.
Scrub it all over your feet, and rinse.
After the foot scrub follow up with a good foot moisturizer and wrap your feet in a warm towel. A peppermint moisturizer feels nice and relaxing with the warm towel, but Burt's Bees has my favorite foot cream. Most feet cream's are peppermint, I like this coconut one. I like to apply it at night and put on some cotton socks to seal in the moisture.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 4- Summer Hair Tips

Have you ever made a big hair change right before family pictures or a trip? I have, worst idea ever! If you know you are going out of town, make sure to only make small changes to your hair or do it a few weeks in advance. Once I cut my hair shorter than I ever have had in the past, and then left the next day for a trip to southern California. I kept having to stop at the store for hair clips, or hair product because I didn't give myself enough to get use to how to style it. How to keep it out of my eyes when surfing, or how long it took to do it before going out to dinner. I remember being so frustrated! Make sure to give yourself enough time to get use to how to do it.
Do your research ahead of time. The days of picking out of the lobby books for a new style are out. Look online and print it out or use your phone. That way you take your time to get just what you want and what is right for your hair. Just keep in mind your own hair type. I once had a hair stylist tell me that the hardest thing is when someone comes in wanting something that they don't have the hair for. For instance I have TONS of hair, so I can't pick out a style with light hair, or vice versa.

Make sure if you go swimming to rinse chlorine out of your hair as soon as possible. I even use a clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a week depending on how often we have gone swimming.
If you color your hair be careful of fading from the sun. Try a leave in conditioner with protection from UV rays.

I also air dry my hair a lot, especially in the summer.  To help fight frizz use a anti-frizz serum.
If you can't tell Redken is one of my favorite products, I use it a lot and often. With all my hair I can't use just any product on my hair, I need something to help with my hair in any situation.  Be careful with the heat, sun and styling product to not let your hair get dried out during the summer.
Try making a homemade hair mask with any of the following. Mix, match, and smash then apply to hair. After it sits for about 15  minutes rinse it really well. Then follow up with a regular wash.

Banana- The potassium in the banana helps soften and repair your hair cuticles. Just make sure to rinse this really well.

Avocado-  Avocado is a great deep conditioner and helps make your hair silky and smooth by locking in moisture.

Olive Oil- The antibacterial function in olive oil can help with dandruff and build up.  It's suppose to help with hair loss too.

Mayonnaise-  The eggs, vinegar and lemon juice in the mayo help both individually and combined. Mayonnaise is a great deep conditioner and helps seal split ends

Eggs- The protein in the eggs are healthy for your hair and help add lots of shine.
Enjoy making your own inexpensive hair mask with any of these ingredients.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 4- The Perfect Look

With it being hot and only getting hotter I don't want heavy make-up. I want something natural looking, easy and light. I mentioned when I went to the What Women Wants show how I found out about NS Minerals. There foundation is gentle and almost silky. It gives you a natural complexion so you still look like you. Plus they have fun colors to use and to mix and match. Whether for day to day use, or dressing up for a night out NS Minerals has you covered.

I was sent their Green Tea Finishing Spray to review. The first thing I did, besides jump for joy, was check the ingredients. The first 3 ingredients are Green Tea, Rose Distillate and Aloe Barbadensis Juice.
I have heard about many benefits of green tea for inside your body, but what about on your body? Apparently because it is such a great anti-oxidant it helps free your skin of free radicals assisting in anti-aging.  It also helps relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. That is how it helps against acne.
The Rose Water and Aloe didn't surprise me. Just on Mothers Day I got an e-card with home-made facial recipes one of which was rose water. It is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant like green tea. It is a natural moisturizer and a toner as well. It helps skin feel refreshed, tightens pores and helps your skin feel smooth with out drying it out. Aloe has many healing properties and helps reduce redness and flaking. Random true story about me and healing from aloe:
 When I was in high school I worked at KFC. Long story short I had some very hot oil splashed on my face, leaving me with a good size scar on my left cheek. It was 3-4 inches long, and very noticeable. At 17 years old that could be very traumatic. My mom had an aloe vera plant in our house. I rubbed some straight from the plant onto my face 2-3 times a day. I have absolutely no sign of a scar on my face at all! It was an aloe miracle!
Needless to say these main ingredients are all in the finishing spray for very good and beneficial reasons. So what is the spray for? Besides all the benefits I mentioned it helps set your make up and is VERY refreshing. When you spray it on your face I can't think of a better word than refreshing. Even on days I don't have time for makeup, a spritz of this helps me have a moment of relaxation before heading out the door with my mad house.
 I wanted to know if it would really help set my makeup. I have had a hard time with makeup staying on my face. So after applying I tried to take pictures through out the day to show how well it does work. The lighting in each picture is so different it's hard to tell. By the end of the day my foundation and blush were still set.

 I have been very happy with how well it helps set my makeup. When I used a liquid foundation in the past it would start wearing off after 2-3 hours of application. Now with NS Minerals powder foundation, blush and spray I don't have to worry about re-applying.
Overall I love this product. It's refreshing and useful. Especially if you reapply make-up through out the day. The $ 29.99 will help you save that much more money in makeup. Feeling lucky? NS Minerals is donating a finishing spray to giveaway. Enter the rafflecopter below to enter to win.
Giveaway ends  6/20/13 at 12:00 AM
Winner will be announced with in 48 hours of closing. Winner has 48 hours to respond or new winner will be announced.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 4- Get Waxed Review and Giveaway

Today is brought to you by Get Waxed in Lindon, UT. It probably was almost exactly 1 year ago that I first went to Get Waxed for the first time. They are not only a full body waxing studio but offer other services like massages, eyelash extensions, and spray tanning.
 Waxing makes summer time and vacations so much easier. Try explaining to a 4 year old that they can't go swimming because you haven't shaved, have ingrown hairs, or embarrassing things like that. My kids are like fish and love swimming often, it's hard to revolve their swimming schedule around your shaving schedule. Don't stress about the salt water at the beach irritating your razor burn on vacation. Take all the fuss and mess out of planning this summer, PLAN AHEAD, and Get Waxed!
Waxing is a great way to live with less hair stress. I recommend a place that focuses on just waxing, especially if you want a thorough or intimate job done. A place like Get Waxed. Get Waxed is owned by Andrea, and she is awesome. Not only does she make sure to follow all OSHA requirements but can help you feel comfortable, both of which are very important for waxing. Who wants to go to a place that double dips? Eww! Andrea and her sister are both estheticians and have both seen several horror stories. Once after having lunch they discussed that it would be nice to have a place that focused on just waxing. A place where it "Wasn't an after thought or an add on, but a true specialty."  So they started Get Waxed 3 years ago. Andrea has been a Master Esthetician for over 12 years.  If you have ever been to someone with little experience (and I have)  you can tell the difference!
Get Waxed does a lot of Brazilian waxes, it's one of their most popular waxing. I remember being so nervous my first time. Just remember if your shy or embarrassed they sometimes do "Manzilian's." These usually help me feel more comfortable, I'm not sure why. You can always go in for just a bikini wax to see how your body reacts and get the "feel" for it.
I recently went in for a bikini line wax and it went surprisingly quick. You can either wear your own set of underwear or they have some disposable underwear that you can use as well. I took some Advil about a half hour before my appointment as well. Make sure to time your appointment properly, don't go right before an event. You usually want at least 2 weeks of hair growth.
Check out their website for FAQ's, Do's and Don't of waxing.  Or just give them a call with any questions, they are very helpful.
Giveaway From Get Waxed in Lindon, UT

Get Waxed has donated a free Bikini or Brow/Lip Wax as a giveaway. Use the rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway. It closes 6/19/13 at 12:00 AM. Utah Residents Only. Winner will be announced within 48 hours of it closing, and has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 4- You Probably Think This Post is About.....

We have talked about Exercise, Food, Fashion, and now it's time for the little things. Those little things that add up and add the finishing touch.
I have some fun reviews and giveaways in store this week. 
Tomorrow we will talk about waxing. Then about a new product from my favorite make up company. Then nails, hair and all those girls things! So tune in daily this week for some fun last minute summer and vacation ready tips.