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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Instagram Recap

I have been on Instagram a lot more this last week than usual so I thought I'd do an Instagram Recap.
Last weekend My husband work took everyone out to eat to Chef's Table in Orem. One of my favorite places to eat. One thing I didn't remember was their toilet paper rolls. How funny are those? Maybe we all need some divine intervention in the bathroom. I had there Alaskan halibut with lemon rock shrimp risotto, it was so rich and delicious. They have yummy desserts too. I had a chocolate pot a crème and took my husbands cheesecake home for later. So good!

Then I hosted a Norwex show at my house and did a hot chocolate bar. I made these cute labels for the mason jars. With some red ribbon it was very simple yet very cute.
Then Adrianna decided to copy mom exercising with her exercise ball. Is that what I look like when I am doing push ups?

Last but not least is my youngest. I got this cute skirt on sale for only $9 from Silver Apple Boutique. Now I want matchy-matchy ones for my girls, or maybe one in yellow for the spring.
That was my recap of Instagram this week. Go check out other fun recaps at Tawny's Tid Bits.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm linking up with Tawny's Tid Bits again to Inst-Recap my last week from Instagram.
Last week is what I like to call grape juice week. Ever year about this time when we get our first cold snap that means only one thing, the grapes are ready. My mom has tons of grapes at her house. Only now that she is an empty nester she doesn't need that much any more. So usually we spend the week making grape juice together. This year she was out of town so I did it with the help of my kids. They love picking the grapes, washing the grapes, and labeling the grapes.

Tune in next week to see how many we end up doing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wacky Wednesday 9/18/13

I have taken a little break with my Wacky Wednesday series, so let me go over how it works again.  Write your own blog post and link it up below. Don't link up just any post though, otherwise you'll look like the sad kid stuck in the corner of the bumper cars turning in circles. Write about a funny think your kids have said, or share a picture of something strange they have done.  Don't forget to add my button or link back here. Then hop around other's blog's and see what fun wacky moments they have to share. We all need a little laugh to break up the monotony every now and then.
A few weeks ago we went to 7 Peaks fun center in Lehi, Utah. Although my girls used their tickets for matching princess rings, Kadan chose a whoopie cushion. One thing my kids love when at 7 peaks is Dippin Dots. Although I hate paying that much for ice cream. So we go to Smiths and buy the same thing only a different brand for a $1 a pop. All the kids can get one for the same price as 1 at 7 peaks. Although a brand new whoopie cushion, a 7 year old boy and a grocery store makes to be for one epic family adventure.
My favorite part was when we were checking out. Kadan snuck on the ground under me while I was checking out the ice cream. Then he let the whoopie cushion go. The teller looked up at me while I simply replied, "Excuse me."

Grab my button and share your wacky moment blog posts below.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Share Your Fresh From the Garden Recipes

Have a garden recipe on your blog or pinterest you want to share? Then make sure to link it up. I love looking up recipes for what is coming from my garden. This will be nice to have it in one place. Make sure in the title to write the title of the yummy recipe.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Link Up 5/15

Congratulations on making it this far in the week. I don't know about you but, I need a little boost to help me get through the week. I like a wacky, funny reminder to help Friday get here that much  quicker.

Join in on the wacky fun. Write your own blog post and link it up below. Don't forget to add my button or link back here. Then hop around other's blog's and see what fun wacky moments they have to share. We all need a little laugh to break up the monotony every now and then.
This week my oldest, Kadan, figured out how to make himself burp. That is such a boy thing, however, my baby loved it. She thought it was so funny. I tried to record it, but of course it wasn't as good once the camera appeared.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things I {don't} Love Thursday 4/4

Here are a few things I'm not loving this week.
1. Tax season. My husband is always so busy and works so late, especially the closer it gets to April 15th.
2. Towels not being hung back up. My husband bathed the kids yesterday while I went running. How is it that the next morning the bathroom floor is covered in towels? This is where the saying, "The lazy mom does all the work," applies. Either I just pick them up, or I gather my children to show them how to do it, again! Good thing we live in a dry state, we never got away with this when we lived in humid places!

3. Taking kids to the store. Four kids to the store isn't always my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I get thru with no incidents others I leave wanting to bang my head on the steering wheel.
 Want to see other's post's on what there not loving check out Lulu & Sweet Pea's.
I would love to hear what things your not loving this week.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wacky Wednesday 4/3

Pasta is suppose to be cooked till al dente right? How do you know when that is? Simple, you see if when thrown it sticks to the wall. if you throw it to the wall and it sticks then it is al dente. At least that's what my father taught me, and what I am now teaching my kids. Check out our video on making sure dinner was ready.

It's hump day and we all need a little wacky moment to boost us to Friday. Write up about your wacky and crazy fun reminder and link up your blog post. Then hop around and read about others wacky Wednesdays. Just don't forget to link back to my blog.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I {Don't} Love Thursday 3/28

Lulu & Sweet Pea

It's Thursday again and I wonder, "Can I even think of something I don't love enough to write about?"  As I walk to my laptop I step into a puddle of spilled water, and  realize I now have to deal with my biggest pet peeve of all. It's not spills that don't get cleaned up, it's wet socks. I HATE WET SOCKS! It weirds me out. I am not a fan of shoes but my feet get cold so I like to run around in socks. Especially fun socks, like purple fuzzy ones. I know to be careful in the bathroom and around the front door when it's wet outside, but still with 4 kids my poor innocent socks still find some way to make me scream and want to cry.
Yuck, this picture alone makes me shudder.
Next I hate that my baby is growing! She has already out grown some of my favorite outfits. What do I do? She is 4 months old and is growing faster and bigger than any of my other babies. She is already more than half my 2 year old's weight! Normally I encourage growing in my kids, by fattening them up if possible. My 7 year wears 4-5 Toddler clothes he is so small, so the idea of my youngest growing faster than the rest freaks me out. So today I hate my baby growing up to fast!
Don't forget to check out Lulu & Sweet pea's blog for more things other people don't love.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wacky Wednesday 3/27

I'm sure we all get in a wacky mood every now and then. If you have kids then sometimes your days can be filled with these fun times. I love the things kids say and do. Sometimes even we adults are fortunate to let our guard down and join in on the fun. I think it's important to not force ourselves and our kids to live inside an image of how we "should" act. Embrace these fun moments and share them is what I say. Feel free to link up your blog every Wednesday with me and write about your wacky fun times with your loved ones!

Today I want to share 2 wacky moments. The first one was a year ago, but a good example of just being our wacky selfs. My sweet husband and I got to have a weekend get away just the 2 of us. We stayed at The Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City, ate at The Roof and goofed off around town. While at The Gateway I decided to run thru the freezing cold fountain in the middle of February. Why not?!

We had a lot of fun acting like kids with out any with us. Which just made us miss them that much more of course!
Next is something that happens randomly at our house, we break out in song and dance. I decided to go with  a clip just from last week. The kids wanted to watch Wreck it Ralph with Dad for friday movie night. We saw it in the theaters when he was out of town and they were counting down till they could show it to him. So last Friday as it was ending Adrianna starting dancing and the madness began. Since it was past bedtime, and it had been a long week I wanted to yell, "Put the pillows away, get in your pajama's, stop yelling, go brush your teeth and get straight in bed," and so on. Instead I decided to sit there and record one of those wacky memorable moments.