Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I {Don't} Love Thursday 3/28

Lulu & Sweet Pea

It's Thursday again and I wonder, "Can I even think of something I don't love enough to write about?"  As I walk to my laptop I step into a puddle of spilled water, and  realize I now have to deal with my biggest pet peeve of all. It's not spills that don't get cleaned up, it's wet socks. I HATE WET SOCKS! It weirds me out. I am not a fan of shoes but my feet get cold so I like to run around in socks. Especially fun socks, like purple fuzzy ones. I know to be careful in the bathroom and around the front door when it's wet outside, but still with 4 kids my poor innocent socks still find some way to make me scream and want to cry.
Yuck, this picture alone makes me shudder.
Next I hate that my baby is growing! She has already out grown some of my favorite outfits. What do I do? She is 4 months old and is growing faster and bigger than any of my other babies. She is already more than half my 2 year old's weight! Normally I encourage growing in my kids, by fattening them up if possible. My 7 year wears 4-5 Toddler clothes he is so small, so the idea of my youngest growing faster than the rest freaks me out. So today I hate my baby growing up to fast!
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  1. This totally made my morning!!!!!!!!! I am a sock psycho---I love them and yup, it's often because my feet are FREEZING! Who knew that one of my number 1 pet peeves is someone else's too! Enjoy your Thursday---weekend's so close I can almost touch it!

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  2. Haha! Wet socks! Even though it's just water and it'll dry, it's still irritating! So you change them. What sucks is when it's not water.. and it's dog pee! Yeah.... most of the time, that's how I find those pee spots (doesn't happen often, which is good).

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  3. Ha! Thanks for linking up to the Monday Bloglovin Hop! I hate wet socks SOO much! too funny!

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