Friday, March 1, 2013

It's About Time

So I don't know if I'm upset or proud that after 7 years I finally have my first experience cleaning up permanent marker. Yesterday I decided to take a nap. Sometimes when that happens I know I'll wake up to one of these...
...or one of these...

...and usually one of these.

This time it was much worse. Again partly my fault for not keeping the markers less accessible but Yesenia wanted to color on the white board and grabbed the wrong maker innocently. Then not so innocently she colored on our folding chair, table cloth and under the table in addition to the white board. Yikes! After finding the white board uh-oh she confessed to the rest. The poor girl is so hard on herself her punishment was minimal. I was just happy she showed me everywhere she colored and that none of it was on walls or the couch.

So how was I going I clean it up, if it all?
With a little research an some of my own attempts the best thing was surprisingly toothpaste.

 I just rubbed the toothpaste over the stains and let them sit 5-10 minutes. Then with a white rag it mostly wipes right off!

I tried some goo gone which helped a bit on the chair but still left some ghost marks behind. In the end I was very happy with the results!


  1. good to know! I have to figure out how to get ink off the top of my dining table thanks to my 4 year old who told me it was an "accident". Yeah, right. BTW, they make washable dry erase markers. I just discovered that and I love them. And, I love how I'm not the only one who finds snack remnants everywhere! I'm in UT too. Cute blog. -Meredith

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    1. Thsnks. I don't know why but I lovr finding other "local" bloggers, i'm excited to check out your blog!