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Monday, March 4, 2013


As many mom's out there know silence is not golden with children. Recently I realized the girls had been playing a little too nice and quiet, so I decided to check it out. Sure enough at the same moment I stuble upon this...

My mind was flooded with questions. What in the world? Why is this here? Who did it? Where are they? Adrianna then came out of her sister's room with a big smile on her face. 
She then preceded to toss the contents out of Kadan's spiderman snowboot onto the floor.
What I still couldn't figure out was where it was coming from? She then ran back into Yesenia's room to only come back out with Kadan's other boot to repeat the confetti tossing.
I followed her into Yesenia's room this time to find out Yesenia was cutting up her coloring book into confetti and filling Kadan's boots. She then was instructing Adrianna to go have a party through out the house. What a party we had. The making and tossing of confetti was a blast, the cleaning up not so much.  I think I will still find random pieces of confetti for the next few days.

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's About Time

So I don't know if I'm upset or proud that after 7 years I finally have my first experience cleaning up permanent marker. Yesterday I decided to take a nap. Sometimes when that happens I know I'll wake up to one of these...
...or one of these...

...and usually one of these.

This time it was much worse. Again partly my fault for not keeping the markers less accessible but Yesenia wanted to color on the white board and grabbed the wrong maker innocently. Then not so innocently she colored on our folding chair, table cloth and under the table in addition to the white board. Yikes! After finding the white board uh-oh she confessed to the rest. The poor girl is so hard on herself her punishment was minimal. I was just happy she showed me everywhere she colored and that none of it was on walls or the couch.

So how was I going I clean it up, if it all?
With a little research an some of my own attempts the best thing was surprisingly toothpaste.

 I just rubbed the toothpaste over the stains and let them sit 5-10 minutes. Then with a white rag it mostly wipes right off!

I tried some goo gone which helped a bit on the chair but still left some ghost marks behind. In the end I was very happy with the results!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gummy Goodness

Yesenia woke the other morning complaining that she could only move her head so far. That's when I realized she had gum stuck to her shoulder and her hair stuck to the gum.

There are reasons why I don't buy gum.
1- I chewed it so much in high school my jaw now clicks when I chew.
2- I am afraid of the mess it will make if the wrong child chews it or disposes of it.
Yesenia is my only gum chewer so far. So when this happened to her I wasn't really surprised. Only surprised that she had gum and that she went to sleep with it in her mouth. I'm still not quite sure where she got it.

I have vague memories of having gum in my hair once before and my dad using peanut butter to get it out. Yesenia thought I was crazy and she was worried it wouldn't work. If it didn't I just told her we would go to a friends around the corner to cut it and surprisingly she was ok with that.

I am very pleased to announce that the peanut butter totally worked! After the peanut butter hair mask and a good wash it all ended up okay. Hopefully lesson learned.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

 I sometimes get these crazy idea's and I fly by the seat of my pants. My husband is very use to it and my kids sometimes are ok with it. This time I randomley decided it would be fun to pop popcorn from an air popper with no lid on. I could only imagine the kids laughter while we tried to catch all the popcorn in our bowls and mounths, similar to the game Elefun only yummier.

It started out fine, the kids were so anxcious for them to start popping.
Then as they started to pop out it was not as much fun. The kernels were much hotter than I thought they would be! Kadan seemed to be ok with it, Yesenia not as much. It went a little like this...
I don't think this entry gets me a nomination for mommy of the year award!

Monday, August 2, 2010


On our last night in Oklahoma Steven and I decided to run to Sonic and get some drinks before we watched a movie. It was dark outside and I hadn't done much of the driving, so I forgot about this elephant sized rock at the end of the driveway. I quickly turned left out of the driveway only to feel the tension of the rock against the car, and hear the air exiting my front left tire. We hopped out of the car to our surprise we saw the scratch and the tire quickly flattening. I tell Steven to hurry and re-park it (out of the way) before it goes flat all the way. I was very nervous about Steven's reaction and relieved when he said, "Hey honey, at least you didn't swear when you hit the rock." Thanks hon!

Luckily we gave our self a whole day to get ready to go to Kentucky. Steven spent it getting a new tire. This was an issue because we just bought all brand new tires before we left and were trying to find a Big O due to the warranty. I packed our stuff while Steven was out feeling awful, and the rock was relieved to have a new view 2 inches to the left. Luckily we found a cheap tire and Stevens family provided us with a car roof carrier to take the tire with us. The Big O was to far out of the way and not worth driving to for a free tire, although there was one in Louisville.
I will never live that down when I go visit his family. My first car oops since we had been married.