Monday, August 2, 2010


On our last night in Oklahoma Steven and I decided to run to Sonic and get some drinks before we watched a movie. It was dark outside and I hadn't done much of the driving, so I forgot about this elephant sized rock at the end of the driveway. I quickly turned left out of the driveway only to feel the tension of the rock against the car, and hear the air exiting my front left tire. We hopped out of the car to our surprise we saw the scratch and the tire quickly flattening. I tell Steven to hurry and re-park it (out of the way) before it goes flat all the way. I was very nervous about Steven's reaction and relieved when he said, "Hey honey, at least you didn't swear when you hit the rock." Thanks hon!

Luckily we gave our self a whole day to get ready to go to Kentucky. Steven spent it getting a new tire. This was an issue because we just bought all brand new tires before we left and were trying to find a Big O due to the warranty. I packed our stuff while Steven was out feeling awful, and the rock was relieved to have a new view 2 inches to the left. Luckily we found a cheap tire and Stevens family provided us with a car roof carrier to take the tire with us. The Big O was to far out of the way and not worth driving to for a free tire, although there was one in Louisville.
I will never live that down when I go visit his family. My first car oops since we had been married.

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