Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

We are finally making ourselves at home, getting use to the new job and its crazy work schedule. We love how green and beutiful it is here, but lots of green also means lots of rain.

When I "kissed" the rock with the side of the car, the rock also gave the door a bear hug. This resulted in a slightly tweaked door. When we finished our drive from Oklahoma to Kentucky we put rags in the door to keep the constant air flow noise out.

The noise we have gotten use to. The wet arm when driving in the rain, not so much. We keep a rag under the seat to dry off a bit. The worst part is a day later when the sun is shining again. Why you ask? Because of the mildew smell it leaves behind I answer. Nasty. The whole car has that gross, stuffy smell. Steven was regretting not calling the insurance company right away when driving around in that all day.
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