Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home ...Next Week

As soon as we get to Louisville we were thrilled to just be there. It was so green and big. Lots of freeways, restaurants, shopping, and lots of everything! After a slight apartment confusion we finally got the keys to our new home only to find out the furniture hadn't arrived yet. They said it would be there in 2- 3 days. No worries, right?! We like camping, we can make furniture-less work for a few days. So we bought a extended twin air mattress and a lamp. The rooms were the kind where you had to have a lamp when you flip the switch, if that makes sense. Just so you know, the extended part does not actually make the mattress any bigger by the way. I recommend spending the extra $35 for a full!
1 week later...
Yup Steven and I are still sharing the twin mattress, Kadan was on the floor and Yesenia was the only one happily in her own port-a-crib. We got to eat on pillows, Japanese Style, which was fun.
Almost 2 weeks later...
We finally have furniture! They accidentally brought us 4 twin mattresses like the other non married apartments. We were so thrilled just to have furniture we decided to buy some king sheets and make the most of it.
We had a our own little porch where we bought a cute cheap yard sale kitchen set. The kids loved to play there, until it was too humid for Mom and we had to take a break inside. We also were at the opposite end of where Stevens brother and family were. Though they only were there for a month we enjoyed our walks back and forth to eachothers apartments.
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