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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apartment Leftovers

This is me ranting just a bit so don't take it to personal if you have a pet...
In the past 15 months we have lived in 4 apartments, 3 extended stays, 3 hotels, a house and with 2 different family members. Some places have been nicer than others. Some in nice area's others not so much. Living in many different scenario's I have seen how many people choose to live.
One thing I have noticed that just astounds me is how some people with pets choose to live. As many places that I have lived and parks I have gone to I am always amazed at how many refuse to clean up after their pets as well. Particularly dogs.
I have come to the conclusion that if you can't clean up after your pet's don't have one! Last year when we moved to Long Island we had to move into one of the sales reps old place's after they left. They chose to get a pet while living there and obviously chose not to clean up after it either. We walked in and the smell hit us like a brick wall. Nasty! We had to have someone come clean it cause it smelled like pet leftovers.
Now we just recently moved in after another sales rep in Kentucky and sure enough same nasty smell when we walked in! We have had to stay in an extended stay till it gets cleaned up. Supposedly this person bought a dog and didn't do well training it. Now that it has been cleaned out it still smells of dog and a dogs business. The gentlemen that delivered furniture today asked me, "Does it smell like dog in here or is it just me?" I wish it was just you buddy.
I think as a non pet owner I also tend to notice it that much more. I can't really air it out cause it is so hot and humid outside. I would love suggestions.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fast Food

So with as much traveling as we do it's almost impossible to never eat out. So when we do have to choose a fast food joint the battle begins. The kids want McDonalds, I want Taco Bell and Steven enjoys Arby's. Usually we decide if the kids are good and helpful they get to choose where we eat. Its one of the ways I have bribbed my kids to be good travelers.
We decided to pick up some food nd go swimming. I ask the kids's where they want to eat and finally Kadan says, "Mom since you like Taco Bell we can eat there this time, but you have to be nice ok?" So I guess I was good enough to earn my Taco Bell.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thing I'll Miss...

Here are a few thing I will miss in Louisville:

1. People's accents and how they say Louisville. We have heard it pronounced a dozen different ways. We have heard slight southern accents to the thickest of thickest. Surprisingly I will miss being called ma'am, and hon. It is very normal for everyone to call everyone these terms. I use to think being called ma'am made me feel old, but when you live down here it very normal and common.

2. The Brown Hotel's 4 star food. It is not a place we could afford to go to often if we lived here, but when you do go, it's amazing!

3. How green and beautiful it is!

4. The neat birds that come eat Kadan's bird seeds he has left out for them.

5. The mass choices of restaurants. You have such a large variety of yummy choices all within a close driving range. My tummy loves it too!
We have enjoyed our time here and the people. I don't know if we will get a chance to ever come back, but we loved our stay here. I never learned to make a mean collard greens, but I didn't leave empty handed either.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Full House

So a few of our favorite sales reps were stranded for a week. The company paid for their extended stay for a week but because they checked in late they lost the reservation and the money. Understandably the company said you're on your own for a week. We are too nice to let these poor guys find a place on their own, so we offered ours. Kadans room still has 2 twins, and we still have that aero bed, why not? So we split our king apart with Kadan on one twin, and Steven and I on the other. We just set up Yesenia's bed in our room, which gave us limited walking room, but it was worth it. The kids were happy to have people to entertain and I actually had people to cook for, it really wasn't to bad.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fly Like Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

We decided to spend a day doing the touristy thing. Our family friend Cody wanted to go see the Muhamid Ali Center. There was a lot of neat and interesting things there. Kadan loved the boxing gloves they had that you could touch. Kadan says, "Mom come look at this..." and BOOM "...that's what it feels like to get punched my a boxing glove Mom." Thanks son.
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Where did I just put my trash?

In case you're not sure where you are when your throwing away trash. The citys garbage cans clear that up themselves.
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home ...Next Week

As soon as we get to Louisville we were thrilled to just be there. It was so green and big. Lots of freeways, restaurants, shopping, and lots of everything! After a slight apartment confusion we finally got the keys to our new home only to find out the furniture hadn't arrived yet. They said it would be there in 2- 3 days. No worries, right?! We like camping, we can make furniture-less work for a few days. So we bought a extended twin air mattress and a lamp. The rooms were the kind where you had to have a lamp when you flip the switch, if that makes sense. Just so you know, the extended part does not actually make the mattress any bigger by the way. I recommend spending the extra $35 for a full!
1 week later...
Yup Steven and I are still sharing the twin mattress, Kadan was on the floor and Yesenia was the only one happily in her own port-a-crib. We got to eat on pillows, Japanese Style, which was fun.
Almost 2 weeks later...
We finally have furniture! They accidentally brought us 4 twin mattresses like the other non married apartments. We were so thrilled just to have furniture we decided to buy some king sheets and make the most of it.
We had a our own little porch where we bought a cute cheap yard sale kitchen set. The kids loved to play there, until it was too humid for Mom and we had to take a break inside. We also were at the opposite end of where Stevens brother and family were. Though they only were there for a month we enjoyed our walks back and forth to eachothers apartments.
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