Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thing I'll Miss...

Here are a few thing I will miss in Louisville:

1. People's accents and how they say Louisville. We have heard it pronounced a dozen different ways. We have heard slight southern accents to the thickest of thickest. Surprisingly I will miss being called ma'am, and hon. It is very normal for everyone to call everyone these terms. I use to think being called ma'am made me feel old, but when you live down here it very normal and common.

2. The Brown Hotel's 4 star food. It is not a place we could afford to go to often if we lived here, but when you do go, it's amazing!

3. How green and beautiful it is!

4. The neat birds that come eat Kadan's bird seeds he has left out for them.

5. The mass choices of restaurants. You have such a large variety of yummy choices all within a close driving range. My tummy loves it too!
We have enjoyed our time here and the people. I don't know if we will get a chance to ever come back, but we loved our stay here. I never learned to make a mean collard greens, but I didn't leave empty handed either.

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