Saturday, February 2, 2013

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

 I sometimes get these crazy idea's and I fly by the seat of my pants. My husband is very use to it and my kids sometimes are ok with it. This time I randomley decided it would be fun to pop popcorn from an air popper with no lid on. I could only imagine the kids laughter while we tried to catch all the popcorn in our bowls and mounths, similar to the game Elefun only yummier.

It started out fine, the kids were so anxcious for them to start popping.
Then as they started to pop out it was not as much fun. The kernels were much hotter than I thought they would be! Kadan seemed to be ok with it, Yesenia not as much. It went a little like this...
I don't think this entry gets me a nomination for mommy of the year award!


  1. Hehe I think it is an awesome idea. It jut need to be modified. :) Like maybe putting it up higher so it cools as it falls? and paper bags to catch it in. :)

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  2. I'll try that. I think I will play around with it with out the kids till it's perfected.

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