Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Another reason I love Eagle Mountain is the nice and generous neighbors. We have one that had extra sugar cookies from the holidays she was giving away. The kids were so excited to frost them, they didn't care that they were pumpkins and Christmas trees. Finally for an afternoon snack we decorated the cookies.  While the cookies were in the oven I decided to make some yummy frosting. Adrianna got to the blue batch while I was mixing a pink batch, she is one of my messiest kids.

 Kadan wanted blue frosting to represent water Pokemon.

Yesenia used every kind of sprinkle I brought out (good thing I only put half of them on the table.)
Adrianna just painted hers and didn't eat any of it. I think she was full from all the frosting she snuck.
 Mean while the baby slept. Ok, I played with her a little bit too! You know how some people say, "I'm not really a baby person," or things similar to that, I totally am a baby person. I love me some baby time.  Overall the kids had a blast, and the countdown till Dad gets home went by quicker.
Some odd reason my dad thinks I am so cruel to his granddaughter, weird?!

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