Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday 8/01

1. I can't remember if I have complained about this before or not, but it is really bugging me so it is #1 this week. I can't stand toothpaste all over the toothpaste container.  Growing up my brother and I shared a toothpaste container, because we shared a bathroom. He ingrained in me the importance of keeping a clean toothpaste container. Somewhere though the years I must have said, "My kids will never..." because, their toothpaste is disgusting. Even with me cleaning it up and nagging them often.
2. Every time we go to do a minor fix on the car it turns into a much more thorough project. What started as replacing 1 spark plug turned into a week long nightmare. Lesson learned? Sometimes even brand new parts like, oh I don't know spark plug wires, can be bad!
3. I hate that July is over. I love so much, I am not ready for it to end! I can't believe school starts in a few weeks!
Thanks Lulu and Sweet Pea for hosting. Be sure to follow her link for more things others aren't loving. 

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