Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Night, Family Night

Friday night we usually do one of two things if not both. Usually it's our pizza night and our movie night. Pizza night may sound boring but it's really not. Sometimes we order it, make it from scratch, do frozen pizza's or the kids can make their own mini pizza's. If my kids are lucky once in a while we go to an all you can eat pizza buffet.

Today we decided to try Pizza Hut's big dinner box, for only $20.00. This thing is huge. Seriously, it's almost as big as my 2 year old!

Pizza is usually something everyone in my house enjoys. Only problem is my 4 year old daughter isn't a huge pizza fan. That is why this was perfect for our family. It comes with 2, 1 topping pizza's, breadsticks and you choose between wings, pasta or stuffed pizza rollers. I chose the creamy chicken alfredo pasta. That way I didn't have to watch her dip perfectlty good pizza in ketchup. That is how she eats everything, with ketchup.
My 2 pizza eaters were thrilled. My son got to have his cheese pizza. He's a picky eater and hates when I make him pick off the good stuff. Adrianna also prefers cheese pizza but will eat any kind of pizza really.

Then dad and I paid an extra couple bucks for a nice supreme pizza. The dough was cooked all the way through which made my husband very happy. He hates pizza that is doughy. I also had leftover pasta the next day for lunch. The pasta was way better than I had anticipated it to be. The chicken was well seasoned, and the sauce was very creamy. I actually really liked it! Next time I want to try the stuffed pizza rollers with it. I have heard they are way yummy!

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