Friday, September 27, 2013

Purify Skin Therapy Review

I was excited to try a new skin care line. For years I have used the same company and I stocked up a long time ago. Last year I ran out and have been trying to balance cost and product to find my new skin care soul mate.
The thing I noticed and loved right off the bat is that it's all natural. It only has organic, all natural clean ingredients. I also like that's it's made not only in the United States, but locally, in Utah.
I love this list of everything that is not in Purify Skin Therapy.
So here is it how it works. First this product is meant to be used at night. This is one of my favorite parts. I am a night owl. I even shower at night so I can get that much more sleep. Most mornings are unpredictable for me, sometimes I have time to wash my face, put on make up, and do my hair. Other days I am just lucky to get dressed. Since Purify is so thorough there is no need to wash your face in the morning. So long as you sleep on a clean pillow case all you need to do is moisturize in the morning. Only having to do it at night is one of my favorite parts!
Step 1: Organic Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover.
This product is silky and gentle on your skin.  I didn't know this but oil dissolves oil. The remover will remove and abstract all the junk that we put on and that collects on our face though the day. Keep in mind it will not lather or foam like other junk filled products.After rubbing it on your face give yourself some time to allow some steam to help open and clean your pores. I love that I can just sit, take a deep breath with a warm rag on my face. It's a nice way to wind down after a chaotic day. I was a little grossed out to look at my washcloth after using this, to be honest. "That was all on my face?" I don't even wear a ton of makeup.
Step 2: Tangerine Blast Toner
I used a cotton ball with this and just rubbed it over my face. It helped get that last bit of mascara that can be tricky sometimes. That's another positive is you don't have to expense the extra cost of a makeup remover. The toner closes your pores back up and even helps minimize them over time.
Step 3: Silk Moisturizer
This may seem a little greasy at first, but there is no fillers in it so a little will go a long ways. Also because it is thicker it came with some instructions in case it clogged the pump. So I followed them and voila, haven't had it happen since.
There is also a Night Time rejuvenating Serum which utilizes the power of essential oils. It helps with anti-aging, restoring and rejuvenating your skin.
Here are my pictures through 30 days of using Purify Skin Therapy.
I don't usually like to make a habit of picking out things that bug me in my appearance. With 3 girls at home I try to show them slef confidence in our self no matter what our flaws are. But for this review I will point out some things that I noticed . I know it's not the easiest to tell with the lighting in my bathroom, so let me break it down. I noticed my face wasn't as red. My face gets red especially after long, busy, stressful days. Day 10 was after a long day at my brothers wedding, and day 20 was after we had company visiting. Not just a few guests, 8 guests, 5 of which were children under the age of 10 who mixed with my 4 kids. All that resulted in lots of running around, sweating and trying to keep track of everyone at the aviary, park, laser tag, etc. Yet I still felt confident in how I looked knowing I wasn't as red as usual all day running around.
My pores are noticeably smaller thanks to the toner. Especially on my nose where my problem is the worst. Now I don't have huge acne issues anymore. I had a severe case of it years ago. Knowing that I try really hard to stay on top of it. While using this product I haven't had any breakouts.
I know I have harped on the all natural part about this enough, but let me make one more statement as to why I love it. I have used products like Proactive and others and have had huge negative reaction to them. I had no issues like that with Purify. Even though it was all natural I still had that thought in the back of my mind, what if I get a negative reaction again? I don't want to walk around with my face practically peeling off like last time. No worries, Purify was so soft and gentle on my skin I loved it!
I am looking forward to adding Purify Skin Therapy as part of my nightly ritual!
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