Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nesquick Time

So my 3 brothers have a tradition when they get together they have Nesquik time. At 9:15 pm they have a large glass of Nesquik chocolate milk. It has tobe in a glass not a cup, and it has to be a tall one. This is what I think ofwhen I see my daughter sitting on the table with her sticky hands in the Costcosized container of Nesquick powder. Chocolate powder was covering the table andall down the front of her outfit. While in the other room feeding the baby shedecided to help herself to some chocolate milk. I carry her off to change herin the tub so the powder won't get all over the floor. I clean up her hands,face, feet, the table and floor. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. Laterthat night after tucking in most of my kids I see Yesenia hiding her handsbehind her back. As I get closer to investigate I realize that earlier she musthave hidden her own stash of chocolate powder into one of her random girlycontainers. She too was licking it up with her hands, face and floor stained inbrown. Twice in one day I was reminded how important it is to keep thechocolate milk up higher in the pantry! Fortunatley I kept my cool, unfortunatley I didn't get a picture.

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