Friday, January 25, 2013


Early in the week my mom invited us over for a potato bar and games. About an hour before we needed to head out I fell asleep on the couch. My good and wise husband took the kids to run errands so I would have peace and quiet. When I awoke I was too lazy to do what it takes to get everyone and everything ready in the car. Until I realized I would have to make dinner for my family (yet again, weird thing huh?)so I decided the prep and drive was worth not cooking dinner for one night. It worked out well because 2 of my kids cousins were spending the night, so Kadan my oldest was left behind to join them. Poor grandma and grandpa and very thankful mom, dad and sisters had a nice quiet evening and morning. We even took the girls out for a yummy breakfast before meeting up with them to go sledding. We had Kneaders yummy french toast, omelets and Orange Juice.

So Monday was a holiday and we went up American Fork Canyon to tibble fork to go sledding. We spent a good hour getting everyone in warm layers and layers. Snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, coats, extra gloves, and extra hats. It was so warm when we got up there, no one wanted to wear all their gear. Thanks to fun Uncle Jacob, cousins and grandparents it was way more fun and chaotic than just our family.
When we first got there I went down a small hill with Adrianna our almost 2 year old and broke our purple sled. It will be a while till I get to live that down. Later I decided to show my kids how daring I was by going down the biggest hill. Here is the video of me narrowly missing my son and nephew at the end.

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