Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Pokemon Valentines

My son loves Pokemon. Unfortunately it's not exactly the most accessible thing on the market. Last year he wanted Pokémon Valentines to hand out at his schools Valentines party. He didn't believe me that they don't sell them at the store. So we had to result in making some. So I searched the ever so handy Pinterest for idea's. This is what my son decided to make.

I know they aren't the cutest most Pinterest worthy Valentines in the world, but my son loved them. I could have made them all my self and made them cuter, even and so on, however,  I believe in the importance of involving my son on his own Valentines. They were his to hand out, why should I do all the work? Besides it was a fun to have some bonding time just him and me, cutting, writing and taping them together.

We started out by both tracing some of my drinking glasses on white and red construction paper. My son cut them all out, Then I would cut the red ones in half. While he glued the red paper on the white, I wrote the "I 'Chews' you Valentine" on them. When we he went to bed I drew the black line and circle across the middle. When he woke up the next morning he was so surprised and kept telling me how much he loved them and kept hugging me. Then he taped the bubble gum to them. He was so happy and excited to hand them out. That's all that really matters right? That he was happy. The fun time together was a bonus too.

On top of that every year his school on most holidays do some kind of a PTA fundraiser where you can purchase a candy, flower or something and have it delivered to his class with a little note. Every year I send him a note with a Pokémon joke on it. Yup, I'm that cool of a mom!

Here was the past 2 years with a few I have saved up for the future. If you don't get it, than you may just not be a huge Pokémon fan like we are ;)
          -Charmander is red, Squirtle is blue, if you were a Pokémon, I would choose you.
          -Just like Bulbasaur, you will always be my number 1!
          -What does one Geodude say to the other Geodude? "You Rock Dude!"
          -What's Pikachu's favorite Valentines treat? Shocktarts
          -Like Jesse and James, we make the perfect team.
          -You're more legendary than a Zapados!

Now on to this year, know what he wants? More Pokemon valentines! Here are a few I have come across I think we could do, many aren't that different from last year. Which one do you like best?

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