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Friday, March 28, 2014

Once There Was a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman...

With spring officially here I can finally wave goodbye to winter. Although, I couldn't help but look back at one of our favorite winter traditions that we missed out on. Which of courses is strange and was started quite randomly. Every winter we like to make a unique or themed snowman. It started when my oldest son made his first snowman. He was 2 1/2 and we chose some random things to go on the snowman. He was so excited to show Dad it when he came home. Ever since then we try to make a fun snowman every year.

This year we had an early snow towards the end of October. I was right before my brother left on his mission so we decided to have some fun in the snow before he left. Especially because we knew in Utah the snow would be gone within a day.

We came up with this concoction. Which was just colored water and a plastic knife from the dollar store. We also used wood to make the X eyes.

We made this one the following year in honor of my brother. He was serving his mission in Mexico and missed the snow. Since we missed him in Mexico, and he missed the snow by us, naturally we needed a Mexican snowman.

Last year we made this mailbox snowman. I remember seeing a picture somewhere, so when the snow wasn't sticking too well, the idea of stacking it against the mailbox was a perfect solution.  The kids were making up all kinds of reactions they thought the mailman would have when they came for the mail.

This year the few times we had a good snow we weren't able to play in it. Usually someone was sick or it melted before we had a chance. So this winter we didn't do one :(
So hopefully this fall we can have the most epic snowman of all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of Those Days...

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you have spent the whole day in the car and running errands? Well today was one of those days. Not only did we wake up to non-stop pouring down snow, but I also woke up not feeling well.
Luckily Steven only had to go into the office for a few things and was able to remote in from home so I got his help for the day. Yesenia's preschool teacher's baby has been sick with RSV so she stayed home so not to risk getting our baby sick. On top of that lately it has been so cold that I have been putting all 3 girls in the car just to drive Kadan to school around the block. It breaks my heart to let him walk in -2 degree weather. So with Dad helping drive me around he was able to help drop off Kadan on our way out.
This was from a week ago, not today when it was snowing.

First errand was my Dr's office to get an antibiotic prescription. Then we went back into the snow to stop at Steven's office. Luckily because of the snow there was no clients coming in so the girls and I parked ourselves in dad's office for a bit. While dad finished up some work, I blogged and couponed and the girls colored and snuck treats. By now we are all starving so what quick place has monopolized on kids wants? McDonalds! Sure enough we went into the slick drive-thru for the kids favorite chicken nuggets.
Where I live on Tuesday's Walmart will double any coupon up to a dollar. I have been meaning to go for a while but I don't care for the Walmart out here and I miss the one I use to go to. It was better stocked, less busy and had an easier set up if you ask me. Since we were in the area and many of my coupons expire this month that was the next stop. Just like when I go to the office with my husband I get to see what he does best, when my husband goes with me to the store he gets to see what I do best; SAVE! So we spent the next hour with him ooing and ahing at all the savings and deals I find. This trip I saved $31.80 in coupons and about the same in price matching. I try to only buy stuff we actually use as well, such as diapers, wipes, Tide, yogurt, garlic bread, nuts, salsa, syrup, Nesquik, medicines and cleaning supplies. (For my local friends here is my plug for my friends price match website It takes a lot of the leg work out of couponing!)
After Steven pulled up the car and loaded it we went to the bank, whom hadn't shoveled their parking lot. The snow was so thick for a second I thought we were going to be stuck there. By this time Adrianna has fallen asleep in the warm car.  Steven had to pick up something at my parents house, and I had to get dance shoes for Yesenia. The specialty store that sells them has strange hours and whenever I was nearby it they were closed. So as much as I wanted to head home I had to stop while they were open. Yesenia was so excited for her real ballet shoes. Walmart and Targets dance shoes are more like slippers and it's hard to see her feet in them. She wore them to bed she was so excited!
 Finally we were 10 minutes from home then I realized we forgot to pick up my prescriptions. After we picked up Kadan from school we unfortunately still had to spend the next 45 minutes to go into town and get my prescriptions. Once we got home Steven had to shovel the driveway for the 3rd time today. At this point we are both too tired to cook dinner so all the money we saved on groceries was spent on ordering pizza. Boy was it yummy!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Late Night Snow Storm

So after being snowed in a week we had 2 days we could get out and get things done. We knew another storm was coming on Wednesday, so we went to the store, my Dr's appointment, and things liked that. Come Tuesday night I felt a strange severe pain, unlike anyother while being pregnant. After no baby movement for a few hours I called the hospital, sure enough I had to go in. So here we are packing up the kids at 3 in the morning knowing full well the storm was just starting. The 30 minute drive took close to an hour. Of course the baby started moving just as we were pulling into the parking lot which already had easily 5-6 inches of snow on it. After an hour of tests everything was fine and we were ready to go home and go to sleep.
One problem. It is was so bad outside there was no way we are making it home. Luckily Steven's sister only lives 10 minutes away, so we headed that way. We had several close calls in our little car but finally made it to their road. Only we got stuck within yards of their driveway. After digging our way out to only inch forward we call his sister who comes to our rescue. We had to park our car down the road and stay with them 2 days. It was fun having company while being snowed in this time. So Steven made his way to dig out our car getting home by Friday evening.
I am looking forward to 2 weeks of nothing but sun!
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Creative Bread

While being snowed in we may not of had milk, bread or cheese we had plenty of food. Although my kids live off those things. The lack of cereal, pb&j's, quesidilla's, grilled cheese, and chocoalte milk was the end of the world!
I have been raised my whole life with the concept of food storage. Since we have been moving so much I have had to untrain my brain to buy extra.Usually if a recipe called for corn i would buy several cans of corn, not I have to only buy what I have planned for the week.
kadan was dieing with no bread. PB&J's are his favorite staple. So I decided to make bread. Although I didn't have a bread pan, I thought why buy one when we would just move in about 6 months? So I did what any other young mom would do, call her mother for suggestions. The end result was bread from a can. Thanks to her idea and my ingenuity we actually got to have PB&J's for dinner. What a treat my kids thought that was compared to oatmeal, stir-fry, tacos, bean burritos, soups and egg everything (we did have 2 dozen eggs.) They were in bread heaven. My husband and I also thought taste of warm fresh bread was refreshing as ever.
Then after 6 days of no milk (this was devastating for our 2 yr old) Steven finally decided to backpack the 1.5 mile trip to the store. Luckily he ended up getting a ride from a nice neighbor. Now I am also doing what I hated that my mother did; 1/2 dry milk mixed with 1/2 real milk. The kids haven't noticed the difference, and its stretching our only 2 gallons of milk. This is also cause the store had no milk so he ended up buying the last of it from the gas station.
After all this I have much thanks to give. Thanks Mom for many lessons on food storage. I am thankful for still having running water and electricity. Thanks Santa for the wii this Christmas. Thanks strange neighbor for the ride to the store. Plus many lessons learned and patience tested.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed In!

This is out our Kitchen window.
This picture is sideways and out our front door.
This is out our back door.

After visiting Utah for 2 weeks we made the trip back to our Oklahoma home. We arrived at 1 am Tuesday morning just as the snow started to fall. We thought about stopping at the stroe to get a few things for breakfast, but we were so tired and the roads were VERY icy. We could not beilive our eyes to what we woke to. I've been in snow storms before but not like this. With wind at 25 mph we had 4 ft drifts all around. The pictures were taken in the morning and it only got worse through the day.
Being that we were gone for 2 weeks we had no milk, bread, produce or cheese. 4 days later we still have plenty of food but are running low on patience. The kids have had good and bad moments (as well as Mom and Dad). We are grateful for electricity and running water though! Maybe we should have just stayed in Utah another week!
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