Thursday, October 31, 2013

We're Off To See The Wizard...

We decided to do a Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween this year. A few years ago when Kadan was the lion we bought it too big for him. Now since he hardly grows it still fits. Yesenia's old Dorothy costume now fits Graciella. The problem was Kadan kept scaring her in his lion costume.
Yesenia wanted something "princess" and pink. So we used one of her Barbie dress up dresses to be Glenda the Good Witch. We spray painted a crown from Buffalo Wild Wings and used a pink star wand from the dollar section at Target.
The hardest was Adrianna's scarecrow costume. It was the first time I actually made something all the way from scratch. I used an elastic around her waist and tied glittery tulle on it. I hot glued a flower and some leaves on it as well. I was surprised she wore it as long as she did.

Then I was the wicked witch and my husband the tin man. I was going to paint my face green but I was afraid it would scare Graciella too.
Voila! Our Wizard of Oz family.


  1. Adorable!! :D Thanks for sharing!

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  2. So cute!!! Your costumes look amazing!!!

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  3. Oh, now this is exciting! What a lucky find for me. I look forward to participatingWizard101!

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