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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

I kept debating whether or not I should share this with everyone. I decided why not? It is wacky Wednesday, so why not have a laugh at my expense?
I am a huge Survivor Fan. Ever since I watched the last episode of the first season I have been addicted. I love watching it and talking to my family members about it, it has really brought us all together. For years now I have said I will audition, but never have been in a position to do it. Now I finally feel ready. I made my first audition tape and finally submitted it. It's really simple and raw. I didn't want to dress crazy or act crazy, just show me and why I would be good at survivor.

As a mom I am use to no sleep, little food, and crazy people. Not to mention living in hotel rooms with 3 kids for 2 months! If that doesn't earn some Survivor credit I don't know what does!
Go ahead like, comment and share my video with all your friends. Wish me luck on Facebook, Twitter or on my you tube video. Thanks everyone.