Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Caution: The following story may contain "too much information." For those of you that are sensitive to stories containing "bathroom matter" I would not continue reading. Also those of you that (for some odd reason) want to continue managing the idea that I have perfect kids that never do anything crazy I would also suggest you stop reading this post as well. Now consider yourself warned!

So now that we are officially in Kansas, but living out of hotels, I try to plan at least one outing a day. Otherwise my patience thins and my children's energy builds. Yesterday we took the hotel shuttle with another salesman's wife and son to the zoo. It was nice saving on gas and having a friend for the kids to play with. I was happy to hear the zoo was free. Win win right?
So me and my new friend were sitting at the park in the zoo watching our kids play. They play really nice together. The day so far was almost to good to be true. Until I glance over at Kadan. I thought he was just playing under the log looking tunnel, untill I realize he has dropped his drawers and is doing his business under there. Yes my son is squatting going #2 in and on the park. Talk about embarrassing (and disgusting)!
So here I am cleaning up the park like I brought my dog to central park. Only that's the reason why I don't have a dog, nor did I bring a doggy doo doo bag either. No, no that's just my son who insists to this moment he thought that's what the tunnel was for?! I had to profusely apologize to our new friend and promise this is not a regular occurrence with us. Well crazy moments are, but not my son going to the restroom wherever he see's fit is not.  I am sure you can imagine why there is no picture with this post.