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Friday, March 4, 2016

Preserving Memories

A long time ago when I needed a way to help make friends from a new move and a new job I decided to sell jewelry. At the time it was helpful and fun. Since then I swore no more though. I was done being a rep, done hosting shows and was just going to be a customer. Well all that changed when I learned about Legacy Republic. Sure enough I signed up to be a legacy maker.

What is a legacy maker? It's someone that can help you preserve your legacy. This is something I am doing only to help those that are interested. If you are like me have an old pile of vhs tapes or other media that needs to be converted to DVDs and digital files then Legacy Republic and I can help. 

So as someone that hates sales speals here it is. Here are the prices of converting your old memories into digital ones. If you are worried about the cost you are welcome to host a show in your home. Just know I'm not the type to put on a show, cheesy games and all the usual home parties fluff. I do like getting together with friends, laughing and eating food though. So I can show you the deals you can get for hosting. I can come in and just explain the costs, process and how it works though and have fun.

So if you have tapes, slides, vhs tapes, mini DVDs, pictures or albums you want put into a DVD let me know. Also they upload it all into an unlimited cloud where you can access them all digitally. You can create new shows by taking snippets of several. You can pause the videos and create pictures too. There are other cool features involved besides just converting it to a DVD. 

Any way just know I can help you preserve your legacy if you need help. 

Go to my website for more information