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Monday, August 2, 2010

Casa Bonita Baby

So we left good old "Happy Valley" early. Like 5 am early thinking the kids would sleep (yeah right!) We decided to stop in Denver which was only about 8 hours out. We needed to eat and stretch anyways.
As a little girl I remember getting to go eat at this place called Casa Bonita. We got to choose where we wanted to eat on our birthdays and we usually chose that or McDonald's. That was a luxury to me growing up. Casa Bonita is a Mexican restaurant with awful food, all you can eat free sopapillas and great entertainment. It was EXACTLY as I remember it. Kadan loved the the cowboy skit where the he got shot into the water and Yesenia was a little nervous when the gorilla came running by our table. We still ended up eating food elsewhere afterwords.
It was nice letting my kids now have some of their own memories of a place I have so many at as well.